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I can't change visited links or post background from white in kubrick.

  1. I'm fairly new and have changed the colors on my kubrick theme but can't seem to find the corresponding numbers for the post background and visited links. Changing other numbers works fine for every other aspect of the page.

    Visited and background are both white, i think i may have deleted the code that allowed them to be changed? I've tried searching and adding codes listed for similar problems, but nothing seems to make any change. I'd rather not start over from scratch and was hoping someone could give me the extra bit of code i would need to adjust these 2 colors.

    Thanks, any help much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It sounds as if you're using the 'start from scratch' option instead of 'add to the stylesheet.' In any case, just click the link to view the original stylesheet to see how it was.

  3. Kubrick is a pain to work with in CSS. The grey borders and grey behind the sidebar is the gif image in #page and the "white" color is the " background-color: " in #page. First set the "background" from the image to "none. Then set the "background color to the color you want (the gif overlays the background color so it won't show until the gif is "none'd".

    #page {
    border:1px solid #222222;
    margin:20px auto;
    #page {
    background:transparent url( repeat-y scroll center top;
    border:medium none;
  4. oh wow, that bit was extremely helpful. thanks thesacredpath. Things are looking better already. . ..

    If you're still around, any chance you could tell me how to change the visited links color as well.

    thanks again

  5. It should be in " .entry p a:visited ".

    Also, put your "read more" links on separate lines (like they are their own paragraph. The extra line will not show up in the post, but it will keep you from running into problems.

  6. Thanks man that's awesome!

    The read more links havent really bothered me so far, but ill try separating the lines and see if cleans things up a bit more.

    checked out your blog too, looks very nice. The blue water pic is amazing, really wish i could have been there. The southern tip of Canada is Sarnia which is pretty uninteresting.

    thanks dude
    take care

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