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I can't choose Categories in "Write Post"

  1. In "Categories" box, I can't see anything categories for choosing. It only display a announcement: "Separate multiple categories with commas". I don't get this problem with other wordpress blog.
    Waiting for your reply!

  2. You must type in categories before they are available to you. Type them one at a time into the box and hit Add. Then they are permanently in your list and available to choose from. You can make up any categories you like, and I don't think it's case-sensitive.

  3. I added 7 categories already and 3 pots were available (with categories). Yesterday, I changed something (that I can't remember) then I can't see any items in Categories box anymore.
    By the way, I can't see Categories items in Blogroll Edit Link

  4. Very odd. What browser and version are you using? Have you cleared the browser cache AND cookies and checked again? That is often the problem.

    Do you have the Categories/Tags widget in your sidebar?

  5. sorry, typo
    I said that I could see Categories items in Blogroll Edit Link

  6. Okay. that's good. That's something at least.

  7. Hahaha... I got it. I created a parent Category (with Links) and 3 sub Categories. Then, all of categories didn't appear. After I remove this relationship, I can see all categories (without links).

  8. Glad you could work it out. I'll have to remember that.

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