I can’t delete one of my posts.

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    I made a post on my blog to test something, and now I can’t delete it. Whenever I try, it says “Ajax is teh b0rked.” How can I delete this?

    The post: blech

    A screenshot: ajaxb0rk



    First try clearing your cache and cookies. If that doesn’t work maybe try Firefox?

    /offtopic — What distro is that?



    BTW: The post did delete. I get a “not found” after clicking on the link.



    I can’t bear to part with my cache and cookies, so I’ll try it with Konqueror.

    It’s Kubuntu 7.04. I prefer KDE because it’s better in superiority than GNOME. Haven’t tried XFCE yet, though.



    Hmm, that’s odd. Oh well. :P



    Duh. I always forget about Konqueror.

    Fedora 7 here but my other partition has Ubuntu 7.10 and I’m about to ditch it all together. The Debian based CLI feels too quirky after RH based (and I like yum better than apt-get). And Gnome feels too dumbed down.

    And then there’s the Vista partition… Haven’t touched it in weeks and I’m happier for it.

    (sorry for the OT)


    I have the same problem; I saved (but did not publish) an empty post with just a title. Now I cant delete it and it keeps appearing in my “recent post” widget either with the weird title “0”, or with the title that I originally saved. If I try to edit the post from the manage page, it tells me that I am trying to edit a post that doesnt exist. Trying to delete it I get the “AJAX is teh b0rked” thing.

    Thanks in advance for any replies!


    PS: the original title of the post was “Can Truth Conditional Semantics Explain Linguistic Competence?” which is currently appearing in the widget.



    I don’t see the deleted post in your recent posts widget. Try clearing your browser cache.


    I just had the same thing happen. Tried to delete a post using Firefox and got AJAX is teh b0rked. Nothing odd about the post (it had a link in it, but I don’t consider this odd). Cleared my browser cache; no difference.

    Tried using IE, same AJAX is teh b0rked. But then I edited the post in IE, removed the link (which probably doesn’t mean anything; I think if I had made any edit, I probably would have gotten the same result), and then clicked Save. The post no longer showed up.


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