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I Can't Embed YouTube Links Into My Posts

  1. I want to be able to embed YouTube videos into my posts. I do NOT want to just post links that bring people to YouTube. Help please.

  2. Hi,


    Please let me know if this helps or not,

  3. I still can't figure it out.

  4. You find the YouTube video you want. Over to the right-hand side there are two little boxes, one with URL and one with the Embed code. For WordPress you copy the URL, NOT the Embed code.

    Then, on your blog you go to Write and in the text box you put "[" then you type "youtube=" then you paste in the URL of the YouTube video, then you close the bracket with "]"

    So what you have looks like [youtube=blablablabla] Then you hit Publish. That's all you need to do.

  5. For example, if you wanted to display the video found at this URL:

    You would enter the following to a post of yours:


    hope this helps,

  6. I used the automatic post feature from Youtube to my wordpress blog (which I host myself) I get exactly the form you outline. That's it. The post on my blog is just that. It looks like your example, [youtube=]

    I've tried changing my blogs theme to see if the templete was keeping it from displaying correctlty to no avail. Am I missing some kind of plug in perhaps? Shouldn't be this hard.

  7. OOPS! You seem to be in the wrong place. is a MU (multi-user) blogging platform. We run on a different code base than the version you can download from and you will get different answers to your questions here. The forum for self hosted and web hosted wordpress blogs is located over here You may want to take a few moments and read this description about the different versions of WordPress software posted in a pink "read me first" sticky at the head of this forum. Happy blogging! :)

  8. For those blogs, you use the whole Embed code, or at least I do on my blog. Put it in the HTML editor and it works.

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