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I can't find in the reader categories my posts!

  1. I can't find in the reader categories my posts although I have attached the same tags. This seems to happen also to other wordpress users (not to find my posts). To this conclusion I ended up because previously, when I could see my own posts in some readers categories (such as handmade, felting, art etc.), immediately my stats of the specific post were increasing. Now the number of people visiting the specific post remain to zero! Please let me know what the problem could be! Thank you in advance. Katerina.
    Blog url:

  2. There have been chnages made vy Staff go here >!/read/
    Click "explore topics"!/read/topics/

  3. Thank you for your reply But this is exactly what I mean! when I go to!/read/topics/ and I press the topics which I have used as tags in my post I can't find it.

  4. Have you read this section? Topics > Missing posts

  5. Thank you! Probably that was the problem, I was using more than 15 tags and categories in total!

  6. I'm not using so many tags and still can't find my posts.

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