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I can't find my blogs rss

  1. I want to promote my (free) WordPress blog but can't find the RSS feed for it. Can anyone help?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Read your own blog - it's on the front page

  3. pigletinportugal

    Hi Stu,

    I am glad it's not just RSS. I have looked on the front page of my blog and I can't see anything!
    It's easy/obvious for techies, but not for a complete novice :(


  4. @pigletinportugal: It was probably on his front page indeed, but we have no way of knowing now because his blog was suspended. Some themes display the RSS feeds links automatically. In some others, you have to insert a link manually or use the RSS subscriptions widget:

    More info on RSS feeds in general here:

  5. pigletinportugal

    Hi airodyssey

    Yep, just found the widget. It was the URL address I was having problems with but in the end I just used
    Not sure if this is right?
    I now have a little RSS for posts and 1 for comments. Its taken me nearly a week of trial and error maybe I have cracked it!
    Still have some fiddling to do but at least I may be on the right track! :)

    Thanks for you help

    Kind regards

  6. @pigletinportugal: Hi. Almost there. It's not "feeds", but "feed" at the end.

  7. pigletinportugal

    Cheers :)

  8. @pigletinportugal
    Also note that every blog also has an RSS feed for comments too. Yours is

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