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I can't find my posts under the Topics Reader

  1. Last week I received a comment from a follower that my posts aren't showing up in her Reader. Then today I checked whether posts I recently published are shown in the Topics Reader, and they are not. For example, 'Drake Jensen', a singer I wrote about today, and 'Aishah Samad', another person I wrote about 4 days ago. I'm wondering what I did wrong, and how I can rectify this? I have read here about tags and categories must be under 15 total, and they are for both posts. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All reasons for non-appearance of posts on Topics pages can be found here >

    If you have assigned a combined total that exceeds 15 Categories/Tags to your posts, you need to edit and delete. After removal of the excess categories and/or tags note it may take several days for your posts to begin displaying there.

    The rule of thumb is to assign the least, not the most, combined number of only relevant categories and tags that accurately describe the post content.

    • Strive to use single keywords and or short keyword phrases only.
    • Do not use the same keyword or keyword phrase appearing in the title of any post as a category or as a tag.
    • Do not use the same keyword or keyword phrase any post as both a category or as a tag.

    For tips on tagging see >

  3. Hi timethief :-) ! Thanks for the superfast response. Much appreciated.

    I've read the 'missing posts' help guidelines you've linked, and I think I clear all 6 points mentioned in there. Except for the 'mature' part. My blog is mostly about gay topics. Could that be the reason? Well actually it's more about me and the things I find interesting on the net. There's no nudity or rude language however. They blog has been on since mid 2011. It has always been the same in terms of topics.

    I have read your enlightening post on tagging tips. However I have re-checked my tags. The combined total had not exceeded 15 and I have actually whittled them down some more.

  4. If the blog is reported as "mature" then posts will not appear under Topics
    I'll tag this thread for a Staff clarification on the blog rating. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  5. Oh ok, I don't mind being patient haha... just happy and grateful you're helping me having the issue looked into. Mighty kind of you, as usual! Cheers.

  6. You're welcome. :)

  7. I've just checked and I do see you posts in the reader.

    Then today I checked whether posts I recently published are shown in the Topics Reader, and they are not.

    Where did you check exactly? Could you please send a link of the page?

  8. If you can see my posts, then I wonder if I must be confused about 'Topics Reader' then, because I've checked again just now and they're still not there.

    For example, for a post titled 'Drake Jensen', I still don't see my post on the topics reader. I also have the words 'Drake Jensen' as a tag in the post. The link is:!/read/topic/drake-jensen/

    Another example: for a post published just yesterday titled 'Cosmo Jarvis', again the same words as tag. The link is:!/read/topic/cosmo-jarvis/


  9. I've made some changes, could you please check again?

  10. I've just checked, and I can see those posts now.

    Thank you very much for your help, kardotim! And thanks to timethief as well! Cheers.

  11. You're welcome! :)

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

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