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I can't find "plugin" button on my dashboard

  1. Hi
    I can't find "plugin" button on my dashboard , so please can you fix this problem .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't find it because there isn't one. There is no problem so there is nothing to fix.

    Plugins are not allowed here.

  3. There is no FTP access to our blogs and we bloggers can't install plugins. Also note that there is no upgrade you can purchase that allows FTP access and the ability to install plugins. Only those with installs can use plugins

  4. What do you mean there are no plug ins on if there are and it is clearly stated here:

    I need to add the contact form plugin

  5. You're not reading that page very well.

    Bout maybe you could read this one:

  6. Yes I too was looking to install plugins with my .com account.

    There is a 'wordpress for beginners' book that clearly shows a screenshot of a dashboard where the Plugins option is featured below the Appearance tab on the left toolbar.

    This is quite confusing, as believe that plugins should be manageable with a simple blog account with

  7. Plugin's are only for WordPress.ORG installs - you have a ton of extra Widgets to make up for not having Plugin's - Plug-in's are not allowed for security and reliability reasons

    For more on the difference:

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