I can't find the Follow or subscribe button when viewing blogs from my iPad

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    Hi all,

    I just got a new iPad and wanted to read the WordPress blogs with it. I can read the blogs but for some reason there is not a follow or subscribe button that I can use. I understand that the appearance of blogs can be different via an iPad but I really think this function is important. Can anyone help? Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance!




    Hi Christine. The Mobile theme works differently from your regular theme you selected. If you absolutely positively want your widgets and your buttons to remain intact, and want to offer your mobile viewers the exact same appearance as on a desktop/laptop computer, disable the mobile theme at Appearance > Mobile.



    Hi thanks for the reply. My main concern is that I cannot subscribe to other blogs when I’m on my iPad. I can read them but cannot follow them. Is the follow button not available when viewing other people’s blogs on iPad?



    Hi I just figured out what you meant. When I want to subscribe to a blog via my iPad it is on mobile view. I just need to click on ‘View Standard Site’ (bottom right hand corner) and it will display that blogs usual layout. The follow button will appear again.

    Thanks so much!

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