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i can't find the PLUGINS button

  1. Hy
    I want to install some plugins but i can't find the PLUGINS button in my dashboard.
    Were i can find it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. does not have a plugins tab, because you can't use plugins on a WordPress.COM blog. They are only for WordPress.ORG blogs.

  3. i changed my domein to , so i have my own domein
    how can i update or change to
    i am new in wordpress

  4. The domain name is just the URL, it has nothing to do with where your website is hosted.

    Before you go any farther, read this: and then come back and list exactly what you want these plugins to DO. Plugins are just code that causes a result. Tell us the result you want and we can probably find a way to do it without going self-hosted and all the tech woes that causes.

  5. i just want to put some google adsense code on my blog.
    They accept my site ,and i try to put some codes on my side bar .
    I entered the code in one TEXT box, i saved,but the code disappears and do not appear when i refresh the page.

    i hope i can put G.Adsens on my page.
    i will read what you send,thanks

  6. You cannot put paid advertising on a blog. It's not allowed and it will be stripped out, as you saw.

    You will need to leave and go to WordPress.ORG instead, and buy hosting from a provider.

  7. This move it's hard to do?
    I can lose some informations from my blog? i have to think about it

  8. The move is not hard to do: under Tools you click Export and then on the new blog you click Import.

    You won't lose information from your blog, but you WILL be completely responsible for your own tech support, security, and upgrades to themes, WordPress, and plugins.

  9. @arhipura
    The instructions are found here:
    You can do it yourself or you can purchase a guided transfer and have Staff do this for you.
    export/import links
    copy and paste text widget content as it cannot be exported.

  10. Thank you, raincoaster and timethief for the informations.
    Have a great evening.

  11. You're welcome from me and best wishes to you too.

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