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I can't find the plugins panel!

  1. iloveelectronicmusic

    For my blog I wana install the audio player plugin so I can embed an mp3 into a post. problem is i dont have a plugins panel! it all the support pages it shows the plugin panel to be under the appearance panel above the user panel, but it's nowhere to be seen on my dashboard.
    can someone please help me and explain where i need to go to install a plugin.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. blogs don't use plugins. You don't need one for an mp3. A shortcode will do the trick:

  3. iloveelectronicmusic


  4. :)

  5. Ok, so if blogs don't use plug-ins (not seeing that side bar under my Appearance header), how can I install a site map plugin? I think one of these two looks good.

    My blogsite is

  6. so how can i add a lightbox?

  7. Lightbox can't be added to a blog. Sitemaps are built in.

  8. miketheblacksheep

    You cant add plug ins to the

    In order to add a music player you need to upgrade it.

    Go to Dashboard, then Media, Add new and click space upgrade. There you can find what to do.

    You will see that:
    "In addition to those file types, blogs with a space upgrade can also upload music (mp3, m4a, ogg, wav) and videos (avi, mp4, mpg, mov, wmv)."

    this is what I am planning to do shortly.


  9. "In order to add a music player you need to upgrade". WRONG - read the FAQ more carefully.

  10. Me too can't find plug in option in my blog please help i would like to add new theme form other sites which offers many themes and how can i add adsense to my blog?

  11. You cannot add plugins to

    You cannot add external themes to

    You cannot add adsense to

  12. sensuouscurmudgeon

    Hi, Raincoaster!

  13. Hey raincoaster, I can't find the plugins panel!! jk ;)

  14. sensuouscurmudgeon

    I can't find the holodeck!

  15. It's right here.

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