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I can't find the "renew my domain" button on the upgrades

  1. what should I do if I can't see the "renew" button on the upgrades section? I need a quick answer please! Thank you!
    Blog url:

  2. my domain has already expired 18 days ago.. I want to renew it but I couldn't find the "renew" button.. any help please?

  3. You must be logged in under the same username account that purchased the domain mapping upgrade in order to renew it. Store > Domains
    there you will find this link "Manage Domain Subscriptions" (click it and proceed).

  4. Oh okay. So if don't have the same username account that purchased the domain, I really can't renew it? I need to contact the person who originally purchased it. Are there any alternatives? because I can't contact the person who originally purchased the domain.

  5. I don't see any domain registrations under your account. Which domain name were you referring to?

  6. @macmanx

  7. Here's the short story. Me and my friend (the one who bought the domain, started the site last year. Due to his busy schedule, he made me an admin of this domain. Now, the domain has already expired 18 days ago and I really want to renew it as cheap as possible..I can't contact my friend anymore.. I hope I won't lose those articles that I contributed to that domain..I'm still hoping there are still other alternatives to renew it.

  8. We were able to renew the domain without any additional fees. In order to pay for the renewal, I have sent a request for $18 to the email address on your account.

    Once paid, please reply here with the receipt ID, and I'll restore the domain to your account.

  9. Big thanks Macmanx! I'll pay it later. I'll immediately post the receipt after I paid it. Thanks for the help! good to know you can restore it!

    Btw, after you renew my domain, are there going to be changes in I mean, are there any adds popping out on my site? Just want to make it clear.:)

  10. Well, I don't see any No Ads upgrade on the account, so the same ads that we have always shown will still be there.

    Once you have paid, please do let me know.

  11. macmanx, sorry for the delay, just want to ask if I can still restore it if I pay it now.. It's been 2 weeks since I checked my wordpress site. Sorry Mac. I'm ready to pay it now. Just want to know your offer is still there. Thanks!

  12. can you still restore my domain even though you're away from home?

  13. Sure, did you pay the invoice that I sent you from PayPal? If so, what was the receipt ID of the payment?

  14. Macmanx,

    I am having some issues with the payment. Paypal is saying that my card can't make the payment, they also said that I must try other card. Are there any ways to pay you? :(

  15. No, PayPal is our payment gateway, so that's the only way we can accept payment.

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