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I can't function due to trolling.

  1. jackhammermemes

    I'm being spammed, and all of my posts are down voted so much, I have to keep turning them off, and it's a Meme site, where ratings matter.
    The people doing it, are both members, and staff, of
    They bullied my Wife and kids, set me up, trolled, then when I sought help, they banned.
    They have found my blog, and it's happening all over again.
    I am battling Diabetes among other things, and can't keep it up.

    Please help, as the famous so-called "Family Orientated Site", are going to cause me to end up in Hospital for a 4th time.

    If you could imlement it so only registered WP users could rate posts, that would be great, and I'm sure you've had this request, many times.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. ...first of all, using your blog to sell "grumpy cat" merchandise is against the TOS, and your blog will probably be suspended. Those images are copyright to someone else entirely.

    Second, what possible evidence could you have that is harassing you... actually, that doesn't matter. If you feel as though you're being unfairly targeted, you should call the police.

  3. jackhammermemes

    I made those memes myself, and I DO NOT sell merchandise, they are Grumpy Cat links.
    I can remove the Grumpy Shop link.
    I came for help and you treat me like a criminal!
    My blog is all I have and if it is suspended for posting my own work, as millions of other meme makers do, then you are no better than the people trolling me.

    My blog is my love of Grumpy, and their owners post images of her, to encourage meme making.

    It IS Cheezburger.
    That is a fact.

    Close the topic please, coming to you for help, was a mistake.

  4. jackhammermemes

    Oh, and my blog, isn't in question - trolling is.

    If you read the ABOUT page, I have given Grumpys owners credit for PHOTOS.

    Meme making is NOT against anything.
    Please close this, and let me be.

  5. You are using your site to sell merchandise which has been created by someone else. That's against the Terms of Service agreement you signed.

    But that's up to WordPress. I've tagged this so a moderator can take a look.

    Again, if you feel as though you are being "trolled" / harassed by, contact their ISP, if that doesn't work either collect the information and give it to the police, or learn to live with it.

    However, if the offender is using a blog to defame you, or threaten you in any way, please leave the details here and the moderator or staff member will help you.

  6. jackhammermemes

    I AM NOT selling ANYTHING! Omg.
    I have a GRUMY CAT Links part, with a link to the official sites SHOP.
    I dont sell it!
    Removed, for NO REASON.
    Links are NOT a TOS violation.

    This has GOT to be a dream.

    I work hard on my images, and do them for people to enjoy.

    Take a look at blogs at WP that DO sell.
    I do NOT.

    I was going to save and pay to upgrade in a month.
    Thanks for putting me off.

    My site is about my Art.

    I thought WP were decent people.
    You jump on an innocent person, asking for help.

  7. It' s not possible to downvote posts on What kind of downgrading are you talking about?

  8. But that's up to WordPress. I've tagged this so a moderator can take a look.

    Again, if you feel as though you are being "trolled" / harassed by, contact their ISP, if that doesn't work either collect the information and give it to the police, or learn to live with it.

    However, if the offender is using a blog to defame you, or threaten you in any way, please leave the details here and the moderator or staff member will help you.

  9. ...didn't see you raincoaster.

  10. jackhammermemes

    Ah, they gave all my posts 1 star, just as they did at CHEEZ, over and over, until the rating was nothing.

    Every time I post an image, it has 1 star.
    I am being stalked, and at CHEEZ, they treated me so badly, I was driven to self harm.

    You come along, to a person wanting your help, who has been belittled and flamed for 6 months straight.. And threaten to kill my blog?

    If that happens, you will be finishing what they started.

    Sick of being jumped on, for NOTHING.

  11. If you don't want people giving you one star, either create better memes or REMOVE THE RATING SYSTEM.

  12. And if you are driven to self-harm by people not liking your Grumpy Cat memes, I suggest a vacation from the internet. Think about it: is self-harm actually worth it? It's someone else's cat.

  13. jackhammermemes

    It wasnt over a cat, and the staff edited my votes, as nobody gets 600 down votes in 15 minutes.
    I was belittled, trolled, told to KILL MYSELF, over and over.
    I had a stroke!

    I make memes to cope with depression.
    I was getting HONEST votes from the WP Community, til the CHEEZ Trolls found me, and I have 10MB of screenshots of their little 'chats' about my blog.

    You people are cruel, and no better than them.

    Close and delete the thread, and thanks for nothing.
    Watch how you treat people, we are human with feelings.

  14. There's no such thing as a downvote on . People can give you one star, two, three, four, or five. But they can't remove votes you've gotten.

    If you think you are being persecuted and harrassed, take it up with law enforcement.

  15. jackhammermemes

    It quickly turns a heap of honest GOOD votes, from 5, to 1 star: DOWN VOTING!

    Geez guys.. I don't understand 'nastiness', in any form.
    We don't treat each other that way, in Australia.

    I don't get, why my innocent blog, that is just images I do myself, out of a fondness for a 'cat'.. Lead to such cruelty.

    I wanted help.
    Most people who end up 'dead', have usually been treated with distain, for simply asking for H E L P.

    Have a NICE day.
    - John.

  16. Then as I said take the star rating system off. Problem solved.

    Most people who end up dead have succumbed to heart disease, cancer or other organic causes. As far as I am aware there are no Grumpy Cat fatalities.

  17. jackhammermemes

    As stated. The CAT has nothing to do with it.
    Cat fatalities? Wth?
    I thought 'I' needed help. O_O

    READ. Human CRUELTY, driving people too far, oh, and I guess you DIDN'T READ, I AM AN INSULIN DEPENDANT DIABETIC.. Who recently had a stroke.
    No need to be a jerk to me.

    Close the topic.

  18. jackhammermemes

    One more thing.. Throughout this entire topic, you have actually been TROLLING me.

    Wow, did I go to the wrong place.

  19. If the problem is low ratings, remove the ratings.

    If the problem is criminal harassment, report it to the police.

    If the problem is you have health problems that make you think this is an emotional support forum rather than a technical support forum, well, this is a technical support forum and you are looking for something that is not here. We're not being jerks to you because you're diabetic: we're telling you how to solve your problem and not to get hysterical about it.

  20. I do understand what jackhammermemes means about downvoting; if yo have five people give 4 and 5 start votes then a hostile crowd of 500 give it a 1 star the result will be 1 star!

    I totally agree that removing ratings is the best option. As for the site's acceptability under TOS, that's entirely up to the staff but I would note that the "Grumpy Cat" image is defacto public domain, being copied with different words all over the internet.

  21. jackhammermemes

    Thank you.

    I enjoy the ratings, and don't like being forced to turn them off, because then the TROLLS win.
    If I leave them on, I will be LOW rated so many times, that NO amount of UP voting, will ever get it off of 1 star.

    It should be made so registered users can see & rate.

    If Grumpys owners didn't want memes made, they wouldn't have a SUBMIT MEME section on their site.
    Also, they wouldn't have 'thanked' me, for a meme I sent them.

  22. Here's a solution that lets you force people to register and sign in before voting: Don't use the built-in stars. Use Polldaddy instead, and you can set it so that people have to sign in to vote.

    Although do note that if, as you claim, it is the Ben Huh Cheezburger staff who are rating your memes poorly, they can simply sign in at Polldaddy and continue to do it. If you want more control than that over who votes on your memes, you will need to leave

  23. If you want more control than that over who votes on your memes, you will need to leave

    Of course you can take the "control" to the extreme and just assign your own rating and post an image!

  24. jackhammermemes

    Thank you, and sorry I got upset, it's just that I went through it for 6 months, and BEN and Tofu didn't help.
    In the end, it was easier for them to ban the victim, rather than the trolls who were well known.
    I got very ill, and even in hospital, they continued to destroy everything I made.
    My Wife joined up, and the kids, got the same treatment.

    Sorry for the rant, just very tired.
    I love helping people, I would do anything for someone in need, and I guess that's why things get to me, because I don't understand (literally), nasty behaviour such as myself, and family copped.

    I will just leave the ratings off, and hope that the Cheezburger folks get bored.. And move along to someone else.

    I love WP, and want to stay, and upgrade.
    Also it isn't easy making stuff on the PC, then sending it to my Nokia N8, as that is the only internet I have.

  25. jackhammermemes

    LOL@ tanda hehe

  26. @jackhammermemes
    Please don't keep posting in new threads on this topic. It makes the forums confusing and difficult for other folks to find and use information here when someone posts again and again.
    Trolled by a famous site.
    Trolled by a famous site.

  27. As I said in another of your threads;
    If your mental and emotional and physical health are so frail that anyone clicking any button in any blog leads you to posture as a victim and using fearing hospitalization as manipulative tool in an attempt to control the behavior of others then I strongly suggest you delete the blog and immediately contact a therapist.

  28. jackhammermemes

    As I said, CLOSE IT, and stop trolling me.

  29. You have been repeated provided with several solutions by other Volunteers but you are still creating threads attempting to get emotional support for your unfounded allegations about others clicking rating buttons on the blog, rather than acting on the solutions provided. That is why I came back at you with Tough Love. Tough love is an expression used when someone treats another person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the long run.

  30. jackhammermemes

    FYI, I made 1 thread.
    Your systfm redirected me to a crazy msg saying the thread was CLOSED, 43 YEAR ago, so I redid it.
    I am not aefter emotional support, just human decency.
    And someone has turned my ratings off in my blog, and only I have access.

    Please close the thread and delete it, I don't want my personal life, where I TRUSTED, and opened up to people who are meant to help, being plastered all over the internet.. Anymore.

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