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I can't function due to trolling.

  1. jackhammermemes

    My ratings wont go on, somebody here has turned them off, I cant get them back!
    Why am I being SABOTAGED now?
    Jesus! I wanted a half decent reply, now I have MORE trolls. :-(

  2. jackhammermemes

    Can't you just be nice?
    I'm a good person, and wanted to encourage people to submit their art, in a nice environment.
    I have lost control of my ratings. They are on, as I want them to be, and they no longer are there.
    It's MY blog! :-(

  3. jackhammermemes

    Ok, someone turned them on again.
    I want to upgrade, but need to know if staff are going to edit my settings. Only an Admin should?

  4. Staff and admins can change your settings. You said yesterday you deleted the ratings system.

    What upgrade are you looking for? A lot of people who upgrade expect things other than those delivered by the upgrade.

  5. There are occasional glitches with the system. I doubt that staff are interfering with your settings

  6. jackhammermemes

    Thanks guys.
    Just the CSS upgrade for now I guess.
    Have to wait a couple of weeks.

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