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I can't get into my old blog

  1. I'm trying to recover my old blog and I can't seem to get into it anymore. It was set up in 2007. I have some e mails regarding moderation from back then that were sent to my current e mail address but nothing about setting up the blog in the first place. The username was mirandawrites. I tried using the account recovery form but I either get '403 forbidden' or I'm told it is a account which I know it wasn't.

    Please can you help, the information on the blog is very outdated and needs to be revamped!


  2. Also, when I try to reset the password I am not receiving e mails.

  3. Check the spam folder of the email. Sometimes they go there because they're automated.

  4. No joy there. I had a clear out of old spam a while ago and it might have been deleted. I still have e mails from wordpress regarding comment moderation though. Would this be enough evidence to show that the account it mine? When I ask for a password reset to be sent, nothing is coming through though.

  5. I really need to get back into this account. Can anyone from WordPress help me? Why is the Account Recovery Form not working?

  6. How to I get some help from WordPress please?

  7. There's a backlog in account recovery requests. This thread was previously tagged for Staff. Staff work their way through support tickets and forum threads tagged for their attention by dealing with those that have the earliest date and timestamps first, then moving forward to deal with those that have the most recent date and time stamps. Please be patient while waiting for Staff to assist the bloggers who posted before you did.

  8. How long does it usually take, timethief?

  9. We Volunteers have no idea how long this will take - sorry.

  10. Hi mirandajanediboll,

    It looks like you had two different usernames with blogs associated with them. The username you mentioned is not the owner of

    Can you let me know which email address you used on your password recovery form so that I can find the associated account recovery ticket and connect it to this forums post? You can paste the email here and it will only be visible to staff.


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