I can't get the spacing on my blog to reflect how I lay it out

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    I’ve just been working on a new page for my blog and the spacing is all wrong but no matter how many times I change it, it isn’t reflected when I do a preview so the pictures are squashed between paragraphs and at one point there are two paragraphs squashed together and I can’t separate them. It is so frustrating.

    In fact I’ve been having a bad wordpress day. I also kept having a glitch whereby I would add a photograph and it would replace all the work I had done and the only way I could get it back was going back to a previous version. I don’t know if I have just switched from pc to mac that I’m having all these problems but I’ve spent hours doing what should have been a quick job. (Oh and the ‘easter egg’ that popped up when I compared the same revision by mistake really freaked me out!)

    I hope someone can tell me how to sort out the layout so that I can go ahead and publish without it looking really sloppy.


    The blog I need help with is aslowjourney.wordpress.com.



    How can you tell you how to sort the layout if we can’t see what the issues are? You need to publish the “sloppy” version, describe exactly how you’d like it to be, and then we’ll tell you how it’s done.



    And no, the disappearing content has nothing to do with switching to a Mac: it’s a glitch with drafts that keeps being reported ever since the latest major updates. Safer method while preparing a new post: write a couple of lines, publish the post as a private post, continue editing and updating, turn the post to public when finished.


    I’m having this problem too, the paragraphs are not seperating on my post no matter what I do.

    It’s getting really frustrating!



    If you are formatting either text or poetry from within the Tiny MCE editor in your WordPress blog here is a summary of some handy tips. WordPress Formatting and Spacing


    Thanks for all your feedback and particularly to time thief as I managed to resolve the problem thanks to your instructions.

    For anyone else with the same issue click on the format/paragraph icon in the second row of icons in the MCE editor. If you don’t have a second row then click on the far right icon (the one that says Kitchen Sink if you hover over it) and it will bring up a second row of tools (that I didn’t even know existed – why they aren’t provided as standard beats me!).

    So, the problem, while frustrating at least allowed me to improve my site’s appearance in the future by changing text colours, underlining etc.

    It’s a shame about the other problem with text totally disappearing but I’ll do Justpi suggested and publish it privately from now on.

    Thanks again!

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