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    hello, my blog is “what to do while the planet dies.net” which is mostly about the tragedies of Eugene Oregon. A really trashy little town. Now my problem is, I go on this website called “smiley design.net” and I tried to pick up the code for the individual smiley, who are animated, and I tried to take them and put them on my blog.

    The media button doesn’t work; it does not pick them up, there is no way on this blog to do that.I tried to do the conventional right-click, “save”, and that does not work. I actually put all the code of the smiley into my post, and that doesn’t work; only code shows up.

    So how do I get the smiley off “smiley design.net”, pick them up and put them on my blog? They will not even get picked up by the media buttons…HOW! HOW? There must be a method without upgrading to a paid blog. I’m not ready for that.
    there hello, this is all stuff I could get off that website “it’s just junk.”. It is not smiley saving and right clicking does not work. Oh, and the code won’t work either.

    Please somebody professional give me a simple solution to this?
    <img src=”http://www.smileydesign.net/smileys/stor11.gif” alt=”Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign” />

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    The blog I need help with is sandraminadotty.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,
    I note that you have posted other threads that have been answered on this same issue. Click this link to find them
    I tagged this thread for Staff to assist you. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.


    hi, I have read all thecomments people make, and I don’t even understand what a “text editor” is, and where it is. And the other stuff either I don’t know what it is. You are going to have to teach me the different and what the heck they are. I don’t use stuff like that.

    Anyhow, it does seem like people here don’t really know how to do it. And the professional who is here, just keeps referring me to first post. Which doesn’t do any good.none of the advice actually works I have tried it.I have even tried copying the code of the month, and putting it in my blog, and it still doesn’t work. So all that stuff about copying their code, and using it. no one can do. sorry for the advice, iv guesss this is a bad case.



    You need to start here: http://learn.wordpress.com


    the question “how does. media buttons, upload emotes off a site, which are htmL onto my blog?” they wont go onto my computer, they have to go from the site, to My. blog.

    http://learn.wordpress.com does not explain that, and its not even in English; it’s in.” engineering” or “programming “. ENGLISH, PLEASE.!> : (



    If you cannot understand the basic Learn link, I’m not sure we can help you. It explains how images get onto your blog in the first place.

    <img src="http://www.smileydesign.net/smileys/stor11.gif" alt="Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign" />

    is just basic image code. Just paste it into your blog using the Text editor.


    You are going to have to teach me the different and what the heck they are. I don’t use stuff like that.

    Well, no, that’s really not the purpose of this board.

    Perhaps there’s a class at an Adult Learning center or Community College in your area?



    I do teach beginners, but I don’t think it’s worth the $200 just to learn how to put a smiley in a blog.



    WordPress for Dummies is a good starter book also –



    Not for this person. It deals primarily with WordPress.ORG blogs, and that would be too confusing.



    But it does explain in small words how to make a Post and Page – and some other basic things – I find paper a bit easier to learn from than many of the online things



    Really? That’s interesting. I do learn by doing faster than I do learn by reading and have no apprehension when it comes to button clicking. I’ also determined to succeed no matter what but I wouldn’t recommend that book to anyone. I donated it to a charity shop as there was so little useful content in it IMO.


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    Here is a sample “code” from that site:

    It will never work on WordPress.com, nor anywhere else online. It is bad code.

    If you paste this part of it into a browser:
    then you will see the little spaghetti monster gif animated picture in a window.

    If you want to insert it (or another one from that site) into a post on your blog, then you must click the add media button and use “insert from url” option. Use the link as I showed in my sample:
    and forget the other [img] nonsense.

    What I described above is one way to insert a picture into your blog.

    Please do try to work through the learning tutorial again. Really, if you are patient you will see that it is written in plain English.


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    Please refer to raincoaster’s code above to see how it should look in the text editor:



    It will never work on WordPress.com, nor anywhere else online. It is bad code.

    If you’re referring to the brackets [ ] instead of carats < >, it’s not really ‘bad code’, it’s BBCode used for discussion boards, forums, etc. It won’t work here or anywhere that requires HTML or XHTML though.


    you know, you smart alecks, we old people do NOT find basic, good instructions on this; no way! I have an older, hp computer engineer, yeah, HP computers! = and the old guy cannot tell Me how to get an emote from A website,, to a blog!

    This was. REAL HP computer Co. engineer, who made, invented, eCt., these things, my HP Pavilion computer! -and these engineers” of the computers cannot tell me how to do this .how is that, for jerks?

    we don’t get any instruction like you just suggested, from “continuing education” or local community classes ! you guys know all the stuff. they don’t! they won’t instruct us on this!

    I have been in real classes with college-classes, with kids,starting out, blank, no knowledge at all. they hit me first, with advanced stuff! you had to be-a genius, like my sister is, (she’s in California, I am in miserable, dump-trASh Oregon!)

    (come to think of it,l can ask my sister, the computer geniUs, who learned it all by herself! she didn’t need classes! sheesh!>: (

    How about books? books!
    basic, understandable books!Can you recommend good starting BoOKS for me?in real English? to cover this stuff? if l can can learn a whole manual of “dragon naturally speaking”, l think l could get this.

    I mean it;1 am Not a stUpid person; ;i bake real bread,cake from scratch,l know how to make my own pasta at home. I know how to make my own yogurt at home,I can cook French cuisine;1 am not a dummy! I used to teach adults how to bake and cook,as a living. I can manage a class,while we cook dinner for 20-25 people at a time.

    Have you ever made brioche, or”buche de Noel “at home?Hah! Ido know how to do things! I used to sew much of my own own clothes. during the 70’s,i wrote, drew,and published comic books, for years. duh.

    But even we very capable seniors did not grow up with computers. I didn’t start, until I was in my 5O’S and 60’s . this is like star trek!

    we oldsters often had outhouses, private weLLs, for water, haha! we seniors were using wood stoves, for heat during the winter. Yeah, real out houses. they arent so bad.

    I saw the beginners of organic gardening! and got into “alternative health food, ” when only hippies did it! Hah! l helped publish a comic book, to raise money, to get old timothy Leary out of jail. haha haha!: D (fun!)

    I am not bragging; I just want yow to know, l am not really dumb. we seniors just came from a different world. A lot. a lot of us are just not techies, is all. yeah, a lot of this is like science fiction we used to read as kids and teens. (even “world climate change” was predicted in old science fiction.)

    sigh. we were thrown into the future. ( many seniors are permanently not able to get jobs any more.) Give me a break; this science-fiction isnt easy to get used to. :) Peace!


    Moderator Emeritus

    Ok, peace then.

    Please realize that I am not a child: people in their 30s are my children. I am old enough to know what you talk about. yes indeed, i can cook and sew and remember the octopus furnace in the basement where you had to load it with coal by hand from the room-sized coal bin if you wanted to be warm in winter.

    But this is not so impossible: think of it as learning a new language. Which it is. Just take it a word at a time, a step at a time, one little accomplishment at a time. Age is not an excuse for not paying attention to details.



    I am also a baby boomer. Recent peer reviewed research has clearly demonstrated when it comes to difficulty in learning new tasks that playing the age card is not substantiated. Provided we are not ill, we humans can and do learn new things right up until we pass on. Moreover, among all of the animals it’s humans that learn equally well from both positive and negative experiences.



    The problem here is not age. The problem here is mindset.




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