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How can I map my custom domain?

  1. Hello! I live in switzerland and I've no registred and paid a domain on Now I configured the nameservers (NS1.WORDPRESS.COM NS2.WORDPRESS.COM NS3.WORDPRESS.COM) on

    I insert the domain at my wordpress control center, but it still doesn't work. Do I have to use other nameservers?

    Thanks a lot for your help. Greetings from Switzerland

    Simon Huser
    Blog url:

  2. We will need to add a zone record for it to work - if you give me the domain name I can do that for you. :)

  3. thanks for the fast answer!

    the domain is:

  4. I've added the zone record for Could you try adding the nameservers again let us know if it doesn't work?


  5. now it works on my provider (

    but I've got problems to insert the domain to my blog. I went to Settings - domains. then I insert the domain "". it says, wordpress can't register that (sure, 'cause it's not .com or something else and I've registered it already).

    then I inserted the adress under "I've already registered the domain and configured the nameserver. insert to my blog." when I click the button, the homepage is loading but nothing happens. do you know what's going on?

  6. aw i found it. my blog was on private.

    but now it says, that I have to pay $12. is that right? first I thought I just have to pay the domain

  7. I'm glad you got it working. :)

    To map a previously registered domain to a it costs $12 per year, per blog:

  8. alright! but after I paid the $12 everybody can visit the homepage without problems?

    now I have to open a paypal account :D

  9. It will work, but it can take 24-48 hours for everything to propagate. You can always let us know if it doesn't seem to be working. :)

  10. alright! thanks a lot for your support.

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