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I can't install a specific premium theme.

  1. I selected the theme 1379, WordPress Theme 1379 by, in my production site, now I can't install this theme in my Blog in, how I can do the installation of this specific theme in my develop site?

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot add themes at wordpress.COM. We are limited to the 170+ (and growing) themes found in the dashboard under appearance > themes. Themes found on the internet are for self-hosted wordpress blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG.

    Themes at wordpress.COM have to be modified to work within the restrictions here and to support the unique features.

    The differences between and (self-hosted) sites.

  3. Oops... I this way I have all the information, tank you. Now another question, the best way to have a develop site and a production site is driving a sub child site? or do I need to do two independent installations?

    Thank you very much

  4. Could you rephrase that? I'm not sure what you're asking.

  5. Yes, in this moment I think the best option to develop my site is have two sites self-hosted in the same size "domine" ,, and in the develop one try to use a child to drive the CSS file. Make all the modification in this site and at the end move the templates, customized themes to the production one in the root of the domine. This is the better option?

    Well, and otherbquestion do you know where to find information to drive some leguajes?
    no just the dashboard.

    Thank you.

  6. If you're talking about self-hosted sites, none of the development you do there can be transferred to here and vice-versa. If you want a self-hosted site, you need to be at WordPress.ORG instead of

  7. Thank you, I will transfer my Blog.

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