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    Good Evening: After I log in to WordPress, I frequently read great blog posts (the quality of the work here is humbling) and seek to either Like them or post a Comment. But almost every time I try, I get a message that I need to log in to WordPress–after I have already logged in! So I’ll log in a second time, then try again to Like or post a Comment, but then I’ll get that same message–over and over and over.

    I use Mac OSX 10.6.8 and my browser is SeaMonkey. Is that the problem? I apologize if this has been covered before, but I couldn’t find anything in search.

    Vonn Scott Bair
    The San Francisco Scene–Seen!

    The blog I need help with is vonnscottbair.wordpress.com.



    Seamonkey could indeed be the problem. Can you test it on another browser and see if that works?



    I too have vonnscottbair’s problem.
    Long term readers of my blog have emailed me saying that they are unable to leave comments without logging into WordPress (which they would prefer not to do).
    This used not to be a problem and has only appeared in the last few months.

    I use the current version of Firefox and my blog’s theme is Twenty Eleven.

    I hope someone can help me: http://www.pompuss.wordpress.com



    Sorry….perhaps I should add that the complaining readers who can’t leave comments are not WordPress users and that is why they’d prefer not to have to log in.

    Do they have to become followers to get around this difficulty?



    That is a different problem, to do with the relations between WordPress and Gravatar, and hundreds, if not thousands of people have already complained about it. Unfortunately, only staff can fix it.


    Raincoaster: Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, my alternate browser is Safari, and ever since 5.0 was released, that software has turned into one of Apple’s most crash-prone apps. I think perhaps some experimenting with Firefox is in order. Vonn Scott Bair



    Thankyou Raincoaster for your comment.
    Sounds as though I’ve got a chronic problem which may not be able to be fixed but I’ll contact support to see if there is a solution yet.
    Pompuss McVanity


    Good Evening: The problem is definitely SeaMonkey. I tried Safari and had no trouble posting Likes and Comments. The trouble is that Safari renders pages and sites slower than cold molasses running uphill in January at the North Pole. Sigh. Maybe the next update…

    Incidentally, you both maintain blogs worth reading. Keep up the good work!


    Good Gawd! Stay away from Firefox right now. It has been crashing on me several times a day and each time it does I have to reboot to my OS X installation CD and repair the hard drive.


    On Safari, make sure you have the latest version of flash, and also make sure you have done the recent javascript updates Apple sent out. I’m on Safari 5.1.5 on Snow Leopard and it is the only browser I have right now that doesn’t have issues. FF as I mentioned is trying to kill my hard drive and Google Chrome gets worse with each new release they do.

    You might want to try reinstalling the latest version of Safari. I’m not sure what version of OS X you are on. Oh yeah, and export your bookmarks to your desktop before uninstalling Safari so that you don’t lose them.



    Thanks for your help Mr thesacredpath.

    I use Snow Leopard too OSX 10.6.8 and have found all my WordPress troubles (links as well as comments) date from last year’s WP update. Sigh..



    Is there a recent solution to this? Suddenly, I can no longer leave comments on other blogs. Tried a few dozen, using each & every choice to do so…no dice.



    A security/privacy feature of WordPress.COM is that if a comment is being made using an email address that is registered already, it is necessary to prove you are the owner of that email address. This is to prevent others from making comments and falsely attributing them to you (by way of your email address that will get your Gravatar image).

    The mechanism of login might be a problem. Some browsers do try to isolate cookies in ways that can impact login status, which also uses cookies. Logging in to WordPress.COM at your admin dashboard should work (does for me on Firefox) for posting comments on WordPress.COM blogs. But domain mapped blogs might be a problem with some browsers or some browser security settings. Once logged in under the mapped domain URL it should keep it for that domain.

    Another option is available for some. If your email provider allows “extended email names” which would have a “+” (or in some cases a “-“) after the left part of the email address, you could use a special string after that. I know Gmail allows this (I use it). That way an email address like “(email redacted)” could be used as “(email redacted)”. As long as the latter is not registered, it should not trigger a login requirement (because there is no basis to satisfy that). It will get a different Gravatar image.


    Good Evening: If you have a Mac, I might have a solution. Sleipnir is a very little known browser with interesting strengths and quirks that I have given a workout over the past few weeks. I can make comments and likes on other blogs with it, but the big positive about this program is that its speed will shock you. Even today, the speed with which it renders pages sometimes shocks me. You might want to give it a try. Vonn Scott Bair



    Bottom line: how can I set it up so people can “like” my blog without signing in/creating account?



    I’ve been having the same problem randomly on certain blogs. I’m logged in, but can’t “like”. When I press “like”, there’s a login/password prompt, but if I enter my creds they don’t go through. But I can comment: Just pressing the WP logo and I’m logged-in and can comment. Strange. Could be the theme?

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