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I can't locate followers that added me as a user

  1. I am running a private blog with my twenty five students. They are all users of my site and I have asked to be the only user of their site until we go public at course end. I hit the follow button to see their site and I don't see them. I do a search for their names andf get nothing. Where are they and how can I see their blogs? Thanks! This is driving me crazy!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If each student added you as an official user of their blog using this adding users process and you have accepted then the blogs ought to appear in your Blogs drop-down from the gray navigation bar.

    Just to be clear there is no registry of usernames or blog addresses that's available to us. Your students must provide that information by following the process to make you an official user of their blogs. Check your email spam filter in case the emails are in it and also whitelist email from

  3. Awesome! I will follow up on your points. Thanks for the super quick response! Peter

  4. You're welcome and best wishes with your project. :)

  5. Hi
    I wanted to offer a follow up.
    I was added as an official user by my students. I still do not see them under the "Follow" section. I found them all under the "Blog surfer" section on Dashboard. It leads me directly to the list and I can choose one of them to look at. That is good!
    The blog surfer site says that it isn't really an active site to get to my users (even though it is) and that they are best accessed in "Subscriptions." When I try the subscriptions section, I can't find them.
    Do you have any other thoughts please?

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