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I can't log in

  1. I'm writing this from my personal account but I am having trouble logging into my account at work. I am an admin with two other users for my work account and both of them can log in just fine. Myself and everyone else who has tried are not able to. Why does it work for them and not for me? I have also tried re-setting my password but I don't receive an e-mail with the new password. Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please provide the blog url. If it is a wordpress.COM blog and not a self hosted blog , then you can contact the staff.

  3. Unfortunately it is not a wordpress.COM blog, it is a self hosted wordpress.ORG blog, as i can see it here and you should seek support in

    Read these to know more about the contents and the subject of forum and what is the difference between and

  4. Thanks for the help. One last question though- any idea on how to ask for support on if I can't even log in there?

  5. You have to register an account first and then you will be able to log-in. See the top if this page >

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