i can't log into my main WP.com account

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    I have a Host Gator site and am using a WP theme. I have been trying to log into my WP.com account to sync with Gravatar, post comments on other blogs and sync with WP.com on my dashboard. I can log into my WP admin dashboard but WP.com will not accept my password. I was told by Host Gator that it is not the same password as my WP admin login for my dashboard but I cannot get WP.com to send me a new password email. Nothing I do works and when I tried to create a new user it tells me that my user name is taken and my email address is taken – but will not send me an email so I can change the password.

    So…I created a whole new WP.com account with an email I never use just so I could log into this forum (I also created a Gravatar account and linked it with my site) but I want to use my real WP.com account that has the address and user name that is linked to my site. Am I being unreasonable? Should I just be happy that this finally worked with a completely different email address and just move on?

    I am so frustrated with WP I could scream.

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