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I can't log into my old account

  1. I made the mistake of using the double security feature and to use google authenticator. That was a huge mistake. My old phone gave way and I got a new phone and of course my google authenticator in the old iPhone was gone. Ever since then, I have not been able to access my old account and had to start a new account.

    Is there some way I can retrieve that old account without using the google authenticator? My advice to everyone is never to use google authenticator. Get wordpress to send you a text all the time. That's far more secure.

  2. If you cannot remember the login information for a account, your best bet is to try the account recovery process here:

    Due to the private nature of information required for account recovery and the public nature of these forums, we cannot help with account recovery here.

  3. I have a problem. I clicked on that link and everything worked fine but the system does not allow me to send it. It says this: "Your contact email is the same as your account - if you can receive emails you should try the password reset form instead."

    But I have tried using the password reset form. I can get back my password but when I try to log in, the system will ask me for the authentication code. And I don't have it because my old google authenticator is gone - it's with my old phone. Like I've said, my huge mistake was to use google authenticator. For my new account, I get wordpress to text me the authentication code. That way, I won't be dependent on the google authenticator which is tied to the old phone.

    What I need is for someone to deactivate my authentication so that I can access it with only my password. I have no problem retrieving my password via my registered email.

  4. What is the blog URL associated with the account you are trying to get into?

  5. It was a new blog that only had a few entries before I got logged out totally. The URL of the blog is

    All I need is for the two-step verification to be removed. Or instead of using google authenticator, text a verification code to my mobile phone. It was a huge mistake to use google authenticator. For my other wordpress account, I made certain that the verification code is texted to my phone. Google authenticator is a huge problem if you get a new phone.

  6. Oh, and while you are at it, can you please mark the blog unsuitable for underage people? I would have done that much earlier if I had access to my blog. Like I've done for all my new blogs. Thanks.

  7. So, to be clear, you have access to the registered email for the account, correct?

  8. Hi, yes I do. I have no problem with the registered email. I can retrieve lost password through my registered email. My ONLY problem is I don't have the verification code because I stupidly set it so that it would appear on my google authenticator which was gone when my old phone broke down. I tried to instal a new google authenticator but I can't link it to the account any more. There is a lot of problem with the google authenticator. Next time I will just ask for the verification code to be sent to my phone. My phone number and registered email both remain the same. No problem there at all.

  9. I'm going to send you an email to that address. Please post here if you do not get it.

  10. Hi, I received your email and have replied. I repeated in the email precisely what I've been saying here. What I need is for the two-step security to be deactivated. I will then ask for future verification codes to be texted to me on my phone.


  11. Check your email again, I have replied.

  12. Thanks for your help. As I have informed you by email, I can now log into my account. Many thanks!!!

  13. Glad I could help!

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