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I can't navigate to using my new dsl ISP

  1. I just shifted from a dial up to dsl. From the dial up I could access wordpress (among other sites) fine, no problem at all. But when I shifted to the dsl suddenly I couldn't access, *, and

    I tried the following:

    i've tried the following:
    -use my new dsl line to try to access *,, and no go.
    -called the tech dude from the dsl isp to get dns numbers. inputted new dns numbers. tried to access *,, and no go.
    -using my prepaid dial-up card to access *,, and access granted!
    -uninstalled zonealarm, avg, avast, and ad-aware. tried to access no go
    -reinstalled zonealarm, avg, avast, and ad-aware. tried to access *,, and using the new dsl line. still a no go.

    i also tracert'd some sites using the dsl line and the dialup line. all tracerts seemed fine (no request time outs) but i still can't access the problem sites with the dsl line.

    i do remember being instructed by an online game to remove the " localhost" line from the HOSTS file. since then i put that line back, but i still can't access the problem sites.

    update: yesterday i emailed myspace, and voila! i can access myspace! can wordpress do the same? :D

  2. i forgot to mention that when i say "i can't access wordpress" the browser (ie or firefox) seems to be stuck in "loading" mode.

  3. If your ISP is not blocking them, it must be something else. Clear your cache, cookies and DNS entries on your computer by:


  4. forgetful me.. i already did that, and still no go.

    strangely though, i can access wordpress if i go through the forums link (

    but itself? still a no go.

  5. What virus and spyware prevention are you using? Maybe you need to "whitelist"

  6. the odd thing is, i uninstalled the antiviruses(?) and firewall from my pc, and i still can't access using the dsl line.

    and even with the antivirii(?) and firewall from my pc, i can access wordpress using the dialup. which is really weird, since i don't think qualifies as a dangerous site that my new isp just has to block.

  7. Do you have another computer that you can try the DSL line with such as a laptop or a friend with one? That way you are at least down to knowing it is your computer and then google search until you find an answer.


  8. The dial up goes over the modem, where as the DSL goes over ethernet. It could be a setting there although I don't know what that would be. Do you have any problems with any other websites you normally visit?

  9. @trent: i'll try to borrow one and test that :D

    @thesacredpath: yes, i do have a problem with many * sites, and though i just email yesterday, and today i could suddenly access :D

  10. When you set up for the DSL, did you go through the internet setup wizard and tell it you would connect to the internet via ethernet? I'd check that. I'm almost thinking I had that problem quite some time ago on one of the computers at our company where it would connect to some places and not others till we did that. That would have been about 7 years ago, so I'm a little fuzzy on things.

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