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I can't post comments!

  1. It's not as simple as the title makes it sound. I already got the advice to just comment in my blog, then after a few days I would be off the "spam list". But it has been over two months, and I still can't post comments. How do I get out of it?

  2. When you post a comment on your own blog, does it show up within the Akismet queue?

    You may want to send in a feedback with a link to a comment that got caught by Akismet (That's very important as staff needs to see an example) and see if staff can do something about the issue.

  3. Yeah, it goes to Akismet spam. And I will get the link right away.

  4. Did you unmark it as spam?

  5. Yeah

  6. I'm a little confused. I have a link that allows you to view the comment, but it's in my Dashboard. If I post the link here, will others be able to change my site? Should I e-mail it to you?

  7. No, we are not staff and we don't work on people's blogs behind the scenes. If every comment you make is still going into the spam file even if you've marked them NOT SPAM after more than a month, you need to contact staff directly. Use your Feedback button on the dashboard, top right-hand corner.

  8. Be sure to include a link to a comment that was caught so that staff can see a record of it and determine what is occuring.

  9. Ok, thanks. Problem fixed.

  10. Not a problem :)

  11. How can I post a comment on someone's blog? when I get to the bottom of the blog, it says you must be logged in (with a link) to post a comment. I click on the link to log in and get the dashboard. Then how do I get back to the blog to post my comment? Help! and Thanks

  12. what's the blog in question? I don't suppose it's this one , is it? The only reason i ask is i know this has been a long-standing issue with this particular blog (and it's baseball-related -- i'm just going on a hunch from your username here).

    If that's the one, take a look at the threads already out there:

    If it's not that one, tell us which one it is.

    7 Things to Know Before Posting in the Forums

  13. I can't find where to post a comment.

  14. @joecor9
    The comment box will be on the parmalink page for the post. You can click on the the main page of a blog, you can click on the title of the post you want to comment on to get to the permalink page with the comment box. Alternately, you will typically fine in the header or footer information of a post on the main page, "comments" and possibly a number (number of comments so far) which you can click on to get to the comment box. Also, if there is a "read more" or "continue reading at the bottom of the post, you click on that to see the rest of the post, and the comment box will be there as well.

  15. @joecor9
    When it comes to 38 pitches please be aware that the blogger there frequently turns off comments. There is nothing that can be done about this because it's the blogger's prerogative. If he or she wants to turn off comments then that the end of the road for you.
    current forum post:

    {waving to thesacredpath}

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