I can’t put pictures on my website without posting a post!

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    I wanted to upload a bunch of pictures. So I went to the Media section and uploaded them. But, they aren’t appearing anywhere on my blog. Is there any way that I can put them on my blog from the Media Library?


    Can we get a link to your wordpress.COM blog please?





    Images have to be put inserted either into a post or into a page.



    Oh. So whats the point of the media library?


    The media library is where you review your uploads and such and it also allows you to upload images and edit settings for the images. If there wasn’t a media library with all the images you uploaded, how would you find them if you needed one that you had uploaded two years ago? Think of it like viewing a folder of uploads on your computer.

    Typically most people upload images when they are writing a post or page and then insert the image into the post or page at that time.

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