I cant read the results on my PollDaddy poll.

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    When I look at the results of my polldaddy poll, the box that appears is too small, (I have quite long sentences as the answers to my question and I assume that this is the problem) so I cannot read the orange results on the right hand side!! Is this a problem I can solve with my computer display (I have everything maximized), or do I need to go to PollDaddy for this?



    I see the results perfectly. They are under the questions, not to the right, so there is no difficulty. What browser are you using?



    Sorry, I should have made it clear – I went and looked at your poll on this page. I assume that is the one you meant?



    Oh, yes Ros, I see what you mean – yes I can see those results clearly. I forgot to say that when viewing the results in the editor I cannot see the results. i.e. press the orange button at the top of the editor and then click on ‘results’ under the poll you want to see. The display box is not big enough. But I guess that I can just go to the page where my poll is published ane view the results that way.


    Hi, I have an “Other” option where visitors can type in their own answers, but chose not to make their responses viewable by others.

    I am unable to view these responses. What can I do?



    Actually you can view those responses by going to
    Dashboard > manage > Polls

    Click the “result” link under the poll name you would like to
    see the results for then look at the bottom of the screen the
    “other” reply’s will be there. :)

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