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I can't read the spam Askimet is catching

  1. dordognequilter

    Hi Raincoaster,

    Thanks for the reply. I've linked it now :-)

  2. Great, that will save you and everyone else time in the future.

  3. I have had a blog for 4 days. Yet I cannot read my akismet spam, even via dashboard -> Comments -> Akismet spam.

    Am I reading properly that setting to moderation on my comments will stop this issue? Forgive me, I'm very tired and have been up all night. Uh, reverse that.

    Anyways. I'm a new user and already annoyed with Akismet. Now I need to contact them to get my comments...

  4. I have a fun one.

    Mine seem to appear and disappear (I sent feedback).

    I was looking for the trackback from the scraper to send the link to Google (I refuse to give him page views looking for my post) thist morning. It was there last night. It was gone this morning. When I logged on this evening, all my spam was back. Now it's gone again.

    At least I was smart enough to c/p the URL into a text file before it disappeared again.

  5. I check my "spam" often, but seldom find anything in there (lucky?), however the number of spams caught by akismet keeps going up. I have only twice in 4 months been able to see any of the spams caught. I had sent in a query to support but never heard anything back from them. I've come to the conclusion that I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope no legitimate comments get caught.

  6. I've sent feedback too, last week, but received no reply. Do you think staff are taking this seriously? I'm getting worried. It would help if they at least let us know they're working on it.

    I've turned on comment moderation (thanks for the tip Gnn1) too. I hope that will allow me to save legitimate comments from being deleted instantly. I wish we could just disable that Akismet thing and filter spam by hand.

  7. For reference
    Where does the spam go?

    When the plugin catches something as spam it saves it in the database for 15 days in case you want to check it out manually and then automattically deletes it. In the unlikely event something gets incorrectly identified as spam you can correct it and it submits the "false positive" back to Akismet for analysis and improvement of our system. If a spam comment happens to get through and you mark it as spam within WordPress, it does the same thing. Akismet becomes more effective the more you use it.

    comments on posts older than 30 days that are deemed by Akismet as spam are automatically deleted

  8. Yes, I've heard about the >30 days rule, but without the actual comment to check, I can't be sure if Akismet did the right thing. And 30 days is such an arbitrary threshold. It may be useful for bloggers who write new content every day, but my blog consists of reviews of books. Most books I read are much older than a month, some even more than a decade, so a post being older than 30 days means nothing in my case.

    And the bit about Akismet keeping spam in the database for 15 days I think is not true. I see the number of caught spam increasing every day on my dashboard, but rarely get to see even one of them on the spam page. I don't believe all of them are for posts older than 30 days.

  9. I agree, kimik0. I'm sure that plenty of them aren't in the 30 day threshold. My blog isn't even that old, but I know I haven't seen all of the spam that Akismet claims to have caught. I probably see about 80% of it (guessing), but definitely not 100%.

    And I'm with you on the arbitrary number. The threshold should be blogger-controlled through the Dashboard. I wouldn't even set a threshold until it got out of hand, if ever.

  10. @TT
    Just as kimik0 says, I can check every two or three days, and each time akismet will say there are no spam comments to review, but the number it reports catching will go up. Basically I almost never get to review them before they are sent to the crusher. And I also am suspect on that 15 day hold. Perhaps 15 minutes, but not 15 days.

  11. I actually stand corrected. Staff tells me they disabled the auto-delete on comments over 30 days again. Must be another issue...


  12. C'est la vie. Qua sera sera. (I've ran out of french)

    Back to TT's question then, where do they go? Someone is deleting them, or at the very least not letting us (some of us at least) see them. The number akismet claims to have caught keeps climbing, but I am never allowed to see what they caught, it always says 0 (zero). I've asked support (twice actually) but have never gotten a reply. Perhaps they don't know what's happening, perhaps their replies are sitting in the same pile as the spams akismet caught for me.

  13. I just did a forum search for akismet and found the following that was posted by Mark, key master, in another thread. I don't know the code for blockquoting so I just put it in quote marks.

    "Here's the deal.

    "The latest version of Akismet (it's full details are on the blog at has a feature which removes all comments on posts over 30 days old. Spam focused on those posts. So now if a comment is made that Akismet says is spam, it gets shot immediately and removed. If Akismet is not sure, it will appear in Akismet.
    But it still keeps count.
    If a spammer hits your blog with 1000 spams on a post from last August you won't see them but Akismet will up the counter."

    So, if it's known to akismet as spam, it will not appear in your list.

  14. Am I correct in saying that no one from WordPress has provided information on how to read spam that Askimet has blocked? If so, I find that absurd and question why I ever switched from Blogger-this is a major problem that should not take much to resolve.

  15. AFAIK, no staff member has responded yet to this issue. It would be reassuring if they could just let us know they're working on it.

  16. @middlebm
    As I understand it from Mark's comment, if the spam is "known" (it has already been reported) to be spam, it is immediately deleted and the counter is "upped." If akismet doesn't know for sure it's spam, then it holds it (possibly for 30 days, possibly not) and you can view it through your dashboard.

    Nod to kimik0

  17. That helps, thanks sacredpath, but then the question becomes why is the "known" spam automatically deleted instead of my being able to check it. I have a hunch that while Askimet may classify some spam as "known" spam, it may in fact not be spam at all -- no technology is perfect.

  18. "The latest version of Akismet (it's full details are on the blog at has a feature which removes all comments on posts over 30 days old. Spam focused on those posts. So now if a comment is made that Akismet says is spam, it gets shot immediately and removed. If Akismet is not sure, it will appear in Akismet.
    But it still keeps count.
    If a spammer hits your blog with 1000 spams on a post from last August you won't see them but Akismet will up the counter."
    So, if it's known to akismet as spam, it will not appear in your list.

    And my BLOG is less than 30 days old. So apparently if akismet says it's spam PERIOD it's deleting? Because NONE of my posts are even CLOSE to 30 days old.

    And I really DON'T like that feature, to be honest. If WP offered a buyout of akismet (a premium feature to turn off akismet) I would SO pay!

  19. Hello gnn1
    We have established that:
    (1) at the Akismet 30 day suspected spam auto-deletion feature is not in use on our blogs; and,

    (2) that those who use the downloaded version on their own installs have the option of either turning on and using the feature or not.

  20. Ok, timethief, but I still cannot access ANY of my spam

  21. If Akismet is an Automattic product and integral part of, why is there more than one place to report problems with it? ( support and Akismet support)

  22. I've already contacted Akismet. AND wordpress, just for redundancy's sake...

    Anyone on here contact them and get a reply? If yes, how long did they take?

  23. @kimi0
    There is no question about who created Akismet - ask Matt. And if you look at the Akismet site you will see the Automattic company logo on the bottom right hand side. If you click it you can find this

    As for why they choose to have different issues reported on different forms well, it does seem sensible to me. And as far as everyone freaking out while Mark is on vacation -- what good does it do?

    IMO Akismet is an outstanding product that does the job for my blogs. A minority of bloggers have problems and I feel for you. If you choose to keep this thread going so you can commiserate with one another then go for it but it will not solve your problem.

  24. Speaking of logo.. that thing has been a broken image all day.

    ..carry on..

  25. Okay, I've sent my support request to as well.

  26. I've sent in a query to Akismet as well. By the way, in the Akismet FAQ's it states it only hold the comments for 15 days before automatically deleting them, not 30 or forever.

    So much confusion.

    Hopefully one of us will get an answer and can post it here so we can all know what (they say) is going on.

  27. Here on my blogs at comments apprehended by Akismet as spam are held for 15 days before automatically deleting. This is the same for all of us.

    On my own install of software downloaded from I can choose whether or not to initiate the deleting of comments apprehended by Akismet as spam on posts over 30 days old or not.

    On this multi-user platform I believe it may be unrealistic to presume individual control will be offered. And as the application and management of Akismet on such a large multi-user platform is challenging there will be those who have problems. Also solutions will be more difficult to isolate and effect. The more detail that can be offered when requesting staff assistance -- the better.

  28. Hopefully this will end the confusion:

    1) Akismet cannot be turned off on That is not an option. With over 750,000 spams caught per day on blogs alone, trust me, you want it to stay on.

    2) Spam that sits in the spam queue for more than 15 days is automatically deleted. You cannot get it back. If you check your spam queue more often than every 15 days, you should not miss anything.

    3) *ALL* comments that Akismet thinks is spam should show up in the spam queue, irregardless of how old the post is that receives the comment. For self-hosted .org bloggers, there is an option to auto-delete spam on posts older than 30 days. That option is not available here at It may be in the future, but it is not currently. There was a point about 6 months ago where the "auto-delete on old posts" functionality was enabled here at It was only on for about a month before we turned it off again. We may re-enable it in the future.

    4) There *may* be a bug that causes spam comments to either not show up in the spam queue, sometimes show up in the spam queue, or show up in the spam queue after some delay. We have received a few reports of this, but have not yet been able to replicate it. We will continue to work on this.

    Please do not contact Akismet support about the spam count/queue issue. We are already aware of it.

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