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I can't remove/delete Jetpack-linked blogs from my account!

  1. I've deleted many of my old sites, however they remain connected to my account via Jetpack. Is there are way I can remove the following sites from my account?


  2. I've tagged this for Staff assistance as they are the only ones who can handle this for you.

  3. Thank you very much. I wasn't too sure what to do.

  4. Hi nusardelo,

    I have deleted those sites for you.

  5. ghostapothecary

    Please, delete also my old site:

  6. ghostapothecary

    thanks for deleting my old blog..have a nice day WP's team!

  7. Hi ghostapothecary,

    I do not see attached to your account. Did you manage to disconnect it yourself, or is it connected to a different account?

  8. Hi, I am having a similar issue. There are 2 blogs linked to my account that shouldn't be there...I have no idea how they have become attached. The linked blogs in question are and

    Any help with removing these would be much appreciated!

  9. Hi wellnessmama,

    I have removed those blogs from your list of blogs.

  10. Hi there,

    Here is another one to delete:


  11. Hi mcnx,

    I've disconnected from Jetpack for you!

  12. Hello,

    I also want one to be removed. Tech Snak from my account. (Sorry but I don't want to publicize the link)


    Suggestion: Allow people to remove these themselves.

  13. Hi itsreallyakshat,

    I have disconnected the Tech Snak site from Jetpack.

    As for allowing users to do this themselves, if they still have access to the site they can disconnect Jetpack on their own. If not, we have to go in and manually do so.

  14. sergiomontufar

    Hi I wanto remove this sites from my blogs area, I think they are still connected with jetpack, I delete the sites from my hosting account but I cant delete it from my wordpress my blogs area.


  15. Hi sergiomontufar,

    I have disconnected your sites from Jetpack, and they should no longer appear in your list of sites in

  16. sergiomontufar

    Thank You Very Much.

  17. You're welcome!

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