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I can't save my CSS changes!

  1. I purchased the CSS upgrade to edit my stylesheet, and it was working fine until today (the day I'd hoped to launch my podcast), when suddenly I could no longer save my CSS updates! No matter what I change, when I click "Save Stylesheet," everything reverts to its current form. I'm really frustrated and need some help ASAP! Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having exactly the same problem!

  3. Same here! It rolls back to the previous version, worked fine an hour ago.

  4. There seems to be some issues going round regarding CSS. A couple people have some weird stuff happening in their CSS - things being changed mysteriously.

    All I can suggest is to contact staff at .

  5. Just contacted the support.

    Seems like this issue appears together with those mysterious "savecss" entries under "Your stuff" on the dashboard.

    I also noticed that a history appeared at the bottom of the CSS Style Editor panel titled "Post revisions". All revisions show the same date: "28 September, 2009 @ 17:03"

  6. Yeah, I think they are implementing a revision system on the CSS which will certainly help those that CSS themselves into a mess and would like to roll things back several revisions and start again.

  7. Just looking into possible problems.

  8. I've got a tempory fix for the CSS problem. Post a new blog and now the CSS is working again! (delete the test post and all is working fine again!)

  9. The CSS editor should be fixed. Let us know at if you are still having any trouble.

  10. My blog suddenly today reverted back to some old or non-existent stylesheet. Just re-saving the custom css solved the issue. Still, very unprofessional.

  11. @rebelbetting, that was probably a temporary cache issue. Let us know at if you see problems like that and we'll check them out.

  12. emichelledouglas

    My css changes are not storing i just purchased the css upgrade and when i enter a html nothing happens it just reverts back to the original.

  13. emichelledouglas,

    1. Where are you entering the CSS?
    2. What are you entering? CSS is not HTML.

  14. crossfitindynorth

    Same issue here. I have added code and when I hit save it changes and actually removes my code that I just inserted. Very frustrating.

  15. You cannot add javascript, flash, scripts or HTML to the CSS edit window. CSS does not accept code. It is for CSS only.

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