I can't see an option for replying comments by email on the Discussion page

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    I want to be able to reply to comments by email, but I can’t see an option for this on the Discussion page, even though the help files on WP say that I should be able to turn the feature on and off from the Discussion page. Right now, when I get an email telling me of a new comment, the “From” address is “(email redacted)”

    The blog I need help with is imageofhisson.wordpress.com.



    I think what you saw was about the subscribing button. I understand you want to reply your readers by an e-mail, if it is the thing,

    You can reply the comments by e-mail from your own e-mail account. Go to the comments page, and you will see the commenter’s adress under his/her name. You can prepare a reply in your own mail account.



    Hi unlusoycan,
    Thanks for the response. The problem is that if I just respond to the person directly by email, my response won’t be posted as a comment on the blog itself.

    Also, no the feature I was talking about was not about subscriptions, it was about sending replies to comments by email.

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