I can't see my annual report

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    Annual Report – it’s not opening via the link or by copy and pasting the address in browser… t says, sorry, this report is only visible to members of this site.

    whether I’m logged into wordpress or not….

    can you pls resend with a new link??? thanks heaps :-)

    The blog I need help with is bearlovesdove.com.



    Exactly which browser (and version of it) you’re using by checking here if necessary http://www.whatbrowser.org/


    I am using firefox 17



    Me too but I don’t have any trouble at all accessing my annual reports for my blogs using the link I find at the top of this page http://wordpress.com/#!/my-stats/

    I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to it so your are notified when they respond.


    I just tried with the link above the stats page also and it’s giving me the same message… So I’ve tried via the email and the stats page…

    thank you so much for your help timethief :-)



    sorry, this report is only visible to members of this site

    That seems to indicate that you are not logged as the Admin ie. in under the exact same username account that registered the blog in question.


    weird.. as i am logged in under the only login for my blog… the one I always use … ? and I can see the normal stats etc… very confusing :-(



    Thanks for verifying your log-in.


    I just logged out and shut computer down, started again and it worked!! thanks for your help!



    Hooray! I love happy endings. Happy New Year!



    I was having the same issues. I tried clearing cache and cookies and it didn’t help. For me the problem is Chrome version Version 23.0.1271.97 m. I tried Firefox version 17.0.1 and they opened perfectly! Worth a try!



    Good to know and thanks for sharing.

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