I can't see my background

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    I search and I read until my eyes begin to bleed. I’ve looked on so many forums, and suggestions have not worked or been so vague at best that I simply could not figure out how to implement them. I have a css file that is 2000+ lines of code all in one line, it’s a nightmare! Seems everyone but me wants that white background in their container. All I want is for my “container” to be transparent so my background to the page can be seen, but the writer combined a bunch of callouts together.

    Is there a way to rewrite the container background instruction at the end to remove that white without messing with other elements? If I’ve been too vague it’s only because I really am not sure of what I’m doing. I beg for mercy and a very clear and simple explanation. If more info from me is needed please explain and I will get it. I’m desperate for a real solution.


    Hi there!

    As you didn’t mention the blog you need help with, I’m assuming it’s https://argenticmoon.wordpress.com/.

    You need the Custom Design upgrade to change the styling of your theme. If you already have such upgrade, try adding this to the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS panel:

    body.custom-background #page {
        background: none;


    Thank you for the response, I really do appreciate it! As I said I was searching hardcore and I found a similar solution about 2 hours after I had posted. apparently background: transparent introduces other inherent problems and the correct call out IS “none”. I still haven’t slept as I am still on ANOTHER design problem trying to reverse a ul, but that probably belongs in a different thread.

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