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I can't see my "Links"

  1. Hi,
    I used Blix themes, but why can't I see my Links menu. I used to try search in Dashboard, Write, Manage, Bookmarks, Presentation Users, Options, but I still can't find my Links menu. Help!

    2nd problem: Is it really that I can't make my own shoutbox menu at WordPress?. Because i just found Dashboard Write Manage Bookmarks Presentation Users Options (with no "Plug In" like on my other friend WP Blog)

  2. There's no this option on my WP:
    Dashboard -> Links -> Link Categories -> Edit the category you want to sort under -> Category Options -> Sort order.!

  3. Just to let you know, we're running WordPress MultiUser here, not the standard WordPress. You may want to take a few moments and read over the FAQ at the head of these forums as well as the FAQ blog as well. It will probably do you some good in the long run. :)

    Links are called Bookmarks here in WPMU. Rumor has it that this change will also occur in WP 2.1 once it's released. The categories now do double duty for both Posts and Links. You can edit your categories under Dashboard -> Manage -> Categories.

    Shoutboxes are not allowed as they are usually based on JavaScripts. Please do a search for them here in the forums as they have been covered many times before along with possible options.

    Hope this helps,

  4. So, if I understand this correctly, Bookmarks must now be assigned to categories to get theim to appear in the Links sidebar? When I set up my site a couple of months ago I didn't assign bookmarks to categories, and the entire Bookmark list showed up in the Links sidebar. Then, overnight, a few days ago, they all disappeared. When I assign categories to my Bookmarks, they now appear in a new sidebar, separated by category (and, in Blix, with a bullet before the category title, which looks very odd). To get them all to appear in a single list, I can create a new Category called "Links" or something like that, but then this also appears on my public Category list, which is silly because the user can see the Links themselves just below. Is there a way to put this back to the way it was before last week? Thanks.

  5. Might help if you provide a link to your blog so we can see what the situation is and offer suggestions. :)

    I finally just created a page labeled Links and copyied everything from the Liniks output. I'm actually pointing you to my offsite blog since I've just discovered that I don't have the Page on my test blog here but the idea is the same.

    This method on how WP does it's links has been like this for quite some time. I did up a checklist when folks started having issues.

  6. Sorry, mine is here. I got a few bookmarks to appear in the sidebar by assigning them to a "Links" category. Any way to get rid of that bullet?

  7. And thanks Dr. Mike for providing the checklist, which I hadn't seen previously.

  8. BTW has anyone else noticed any strange behavior with the Blix 0.9.1 theme on E.g., take a look at the screenshot on the Themes page. Categories and Links are there, with little icons to the left of each item. Along with the problems with the Links sidebar described bove, I've also noticed that those little icons have all disappeared on my site, with the exception of the Feeds widget. They were there before. Any ideas what might be going on? This seems to be a back-end theme issue, not a site-specific issue.

  9. Because you username is not actually linked to your blog with the Blix theme I can't compare it to a Blix theme test blog and see which icons. That means it's difficult to determine what you're referring to. As you suspect this is a backend theme issue perhaps you would be best served by sending it in through feedback rather than continue to post on the forum.

  10. TT, look up a couple of Posts. Dr. Klein gave a link to his blog. :)

    This is one of the reasons why I'm big on seeing an example of what is going on. I wasn't really sure what was occuring before hand. From looking at Dr. Klein's blog, you can see that there's an issue. (ie The big black dot in front of the Links sidebar header.)

    I had the same problem a few weeks back with the search box on a theme that I installed on my blog.

    In this case, if you look at the pages source code, you'll note that the other sidebar headers are wrapped with H2 and em tags while the Links header is li tag and the h2 tag. That's probably the issue.

    Feedback sent with a pointer to this thread.

    The icons go away when you use the Sidebar Widgets. If you can catch it, I currently don't have any widgets installed on my test blog and I have the icons. When I placed the Widgets, the icons disappeared. The coding is different since the Widgets are not theme specific.

    Hope this helps,

  11. Thanks Dr. Mike. Are you saying that on your test blog, you created the Categories and Links lists manually, entering the html into a text widget? I'm not sure I understand what you mean by not using widgets. How else do you create sidebars?

  12. I currently have no Sidebar Widgets active on my test blog. What you're looking at is how the theme was created. The Categories and Links list are being generated by the Blix theme.

    Now, on your blog, you have the Widgets in use. (Widgets being those building blocks located at Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets) When you use those, the HTML code is generated by the Widgets themselves, not by the theme. That's why you don't see any of the icons on yours while they are used on mine.

    I sent in a feedback to staff about the issue. Haven't heard anything back though and they haven't posted here. Not sure what's up.

  13. OK, thanks, I get it. So even including a single custom sidebar item gets rid of the default sidebar items. (And the only default items are categories and links, formatted properly with the icons.) Weird. This is a recent change, and an unfortunate one! :-)

  14. It's sort of an "either or" situation. Either you display the theme's sidebar how it was designed by the theme designer or you replace it with the widgets that you stick in there.

    I'll send in another feedback by the way.

  15. Hey pklein. I has the same problem, as you see on my blog. And the name "Links" is also changed to "Blogroll".
    I have noticed you have the blog with a dane Nicolai Foss, so I wondered if you are danish too?
    But anyway; Did you get a solution to the problem!? - Because I did not get a good solution by reading this :)


  16. "Solution" is to send in a Feedback and point it out to them as It appears to be a theme bug that hasn't been fixed yet. :)

  17. I am waiting for a solution also

  18. gesses - I hope that means you sent in a feedback. If not please do so ASAP and if you did then forgive me for misunderstanding.

  19. Sloane, no solution yet. I sent feedback when I first noticed the problem back on July 4, got a quick response from podz, but no follow-up as of yet. I'll send podz a gentle reminder. :-)

    PS: My co-blogger is Danish, but I'm from the USA. I'm not cool enough to be a Viking.

  20. The dot's gone. At least with me and Netscape 7.2. The heading is still off though.

  21. pklein, Okay, sounds good :)
    Okay, yeah - us vikings are very cool, hehe..

  22. Thanks for digging into this, everyone. I was seeing the same problem on my Blixy blog (seedlings). Before a few days ago, all of my links appeared. Then they disappeared, stolen away by the black dot.

    Now that the black dot's gone, I've assigned my links to the category "links" and they've reappeared. But as drmike mentioned in his latest post, the green Blix header for links is still only half as thick as it used to be. Widgets or no widgets, Blix worked fine with all my links until a few days ago.

  23. seedlings - Have you sent in a feedback? I know staff are working on it but I believe that it would be important to know exactly which blogs are being affected and I think this is the first time you have posted on this. Sorry to hear all you folks are experiencing this frustration.:(

  24. I did send in a feedback, but I'll go ahead and do another one in case mine got lost in the shuffle.

  25. Anybody got any updates on this?

  26. Actually looks like it got fixed. Looks fine on your blog.

  27. It is not fixed on my blog!? Have can that be?

  28. sloane - leaving those ads on your blog will make you lose the blog. Advertising is not permitted. There is no discussion on it - I would remove those ads now.

  29. Hey podz,
    Okay, It's gone now.. I didn't knew that.

    But the problem with the links, is now gone as well. But the icons, is still missing!?

  30. Hi,
    There is a problem with my links, my links under my catergory heading used to have pictures but when i look today there are just words, all my link pictures have dissaperaed and when i go to the blogroll to see what happened, the links to the pictures are still there, but they just dont show on my pages.

    Please help, my site looks much better with the picture links in the side toolbar!

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