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I can't see my "Links"

  1. #savetheoc

    Yes, they are called icons.
    You are not the only one who has that problem, as you see, it's the same thing I'm asking about..

  2. The staff is aware of the probelm with the Blix theme, they have written support tickets for it and will attend to fixing this bug as soon as they can. I hear your frustration but please be patient. IMO making additional complaints will not speed up the process.

  3. Thanks to whoever fixed the problem on my site.

  4. Ok...well I just wanted to add that I still got problems with the "black dot" before my "Links" Title in the Blix theme ( So if it's fixed or if
    I should change anything I sure would want to know about it ;-)

    On top of that I just don't seem to get the page order right. Before I installed the sidebarwidget it worked fine (I followed the instructions about page ordering on wp)
    but now I'm not able to get it any answers maybe??

  5. Um, layoknee. You have your blog hosted elsewhere. You have to fix it yourself. Only you can edit the theme within your own webspace. Nothing we can do here for you as we don't have access to your files.

    Also, since we're running different software than what you are running, you need to be over at

    Good luck,

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