I can’t see my post pictures from my computer

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    I have problem, I don’t know why. When I try to see my blog form my computer I can’t see the images I’ve uploaded… My friends can see them without problems… WHat is wrong? I cannot create posts either, cause I cannot see the images, so I don’t know what I’m posting…. My blog is http://ohappydayblog.wordpress.com/ I guess you will going to see it right, but I can only see the text and embeded videos. Is something worng with my computer? what can I do?


    The blog I need help with is ohappydayblog.wordpress.com.



    Are you using an image blocker, either in your browser or A/V programs?


    Mmm I don’t think so… I mean, one day it was OK, and then the next, I just couldn’t see the pictures. I don’t have antivirus (I take A/V is antivirus?) and I don’t know about image blcoker.. But there’s not trace of images. there’s no broken link, or error while loading sign… It just appears that there aren’t any pictures… weird, because 3 days ago I could see it perfectly…


    oh! thanks jennifer! I finally found the image blocking thing, and it was that!! Now I can see it! Many thanks, but how come the blocking turns on automatically? Does it usually happen?



    hola que tal viendo esto que es nuevo para mi me parese que es muy gueno



    @jacs1962: Hi and welcome to the support forums. Glad you like them.

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    @ohappydayblog- you’re welcome. No idea really why one day it would be OK and the next acting up. Just glad it was easily solved for you. :)

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