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I can't see my thumbnails. Everyone else can.

  1. When I post thumbnails I can see them initially and then they're gone when I go back. Everyone else can see them from their computers. What gives?

  2. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

  3. Looks like you're using Flickr to create the thumbnails. Why not just use WordPress and have it generate the thumbnails?

    FAQ on how to upload a picture and create a thumbnail here at It looks lengthy but 1) I overkill when I write instructions and 2) it's easy once you get the hang of it. :)

  4. A note about thumbnails that should be known: WordPress will not manipulate any image larger than three megapixels. That means if the length and width multiplied are more than about three million (2000x1500) it will not create a thumbnail. The upload should still work but the thumbnail creation is skipped.

    This should be improved in the future.

  5. I had tried the WP thumbnails, but my pics must have been too large. I'll give it another try later. Thanks.

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