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I can't seem to comment!

  1. Hi, there are no links to send a comment to as you request it just says above (link redacted) also on the email you offered for Akismet it says above (email redacted).


  2. I tried to post a comment to it was unsuccessful :(

  3. janalinesmalman

    I am having the same problem...all my comments disappear and end up in peoples spam folders. I have now filled out the Akismet form and do hope that this gets fixed soon as it is definitely very annoying.

  4. I've had the same issues since Wednesday. The odd thing is that when I posted a comment on my own site, it appeared there, including a reply to that comment which I posted. But yesterday when I tried the same thing, my comment went to my spam filter. :-D. How weird is that?

  5. Hi, since about a few days ago, I am unable to comment on my friend's blogs. I click submit and nothing appears, and my friends are unable to see what I've replied to them. I've filled out the Akismet form... I hope this problem with resolve itself...

  6. headphonedaydreams

    I'm having a similar problem, I try to comment on other people's blogs, which I've been able to do in the past, and they don't show up now for some reason. I have filled out the Akismet form. It looks like it's a problem for a lot of people. I hope it can get resolved.

  7. Is there any progress on this issue?

  8. Still experiencing this problem with two different blogs, so just sent an email to the Akismet support address as suggested:
    "In the last couple of days I've posted comments to a number of WordPress pages I follow [...] None of them have registered visibly, and I assumed they've all gone straight to spam, as one user indeed reported. I've reported this problem on a WordPress Support Forum, and it's clear I'm not the only one experiencing this problem.
    I obviously don't want to go to the effort of attempting to post comments on all the sites I follow only to have them disappear. What do you suggest might be the solution to this problem? Clearly one of attractions of blogging is interacting with other bloggers, and this can only hamper that process."

    Fingers crossed.

  9. misswinnielondon

    Been trying to post a comment every other day but still not going through. Has anyone tried commenting using their Facebook account?

  10. misswinnielondon

    Update: I think the problem might have been solved. I seem to be able to comment again. Guys, do check to see if your comments are going through. xx

  11. I'm not sure I'm clever enough technically to follow all this but I do know that after more than three years of successful Blogging things have gone a bit odd in the past two weeks. A number of my regular respondents are finding their comments disappearing while others still work fine. I've never had this before - pompey pop

  12. Pompeypop - are you checking your spam filters regularly for the missing comments? The vast majority, if not all of mine are going there. I can't tell if every one is going there because not all my respondents tell me about it, and not all of them check their filters. It only seems to be happening on comments I make to other wordpress sites.

  13. Hello, I've been having the same issues with my comments. I've filled out the form for Akismet several times but it seems to disappear and nothing happens and I have not heard. I tried commenting a blog today and it disappeared right away. This has been happening for many days now is quite frustrating. My blog is

  14. Have you tried to fill out the form recently.? It wasn't working when the problem first cropped up, but later it was. Make sure you're signed in (top right of the form) with the same email address that you use for your blog though. I have two email addresses and I put the wrong one on the first time. I've been in contact with a support person who asked me to post to his blog on Saturday, and then to tell him I'd done it, which I did. My comment didn't appear. I've emailed him again this morning.

  15. misswinnielondon

    Ok I spoke too soon. Problem is not yet solved. :(
    Looks like I am only able to comment if the bloggers have previously un-spammed my comments.

  16. Apologies - our forum software automatically redacts email address for privacy reasons.

    The Akismet email is:

    support AT akismet DOT com

  17. I'm sorry I don't know what you mean. I had been successfully exchanging emails with someone called Mark at Akismet support on Saturday. He emailed me to ask me to try posting a comment to his website to see if it would go through, and then to confirm to him when I'd done it. This was all done on interactive emails, ie he emailed me and I used the email reply facility to get back to him saying I'd done this and it hadn't come up on his website. What should I do now?

  18. Sandra - the best thing to do is continue to communicate with Mark from Akismet directly.

    My previous comment was meant for folks who weren't able to see the Akismet email address mentioned earlier because it had been redacted.

  19. Thanks.

  20. I too contacted Mark at Akismet and he asked me to comment on a link, which I did and I informed him that I had done, but since then silence. And to compound the issue comments I made to sites that HAVE approved me and where I was able to comment are once again going into their spam folder!! So I would encourage everyone to keep checking their spam.

    I wish someone from WordPress and/or Akiamet would explain to us what is going on. It is very frustrating being kept in the dark and as some bloggers have said, when you can't communicate it is almost pointless posting!

  21. I too have had no explanation about what's happening. Like izit I would value some response rather than silence.

  22. Hi there, Akismet handles these issues directly, on a case-by-case basis. I realize this is frustrating for folks who are waiting. We appreciate your patience.

  23. Hello everyone. Just read with interest this thread as I started one a couple of days ago on exactly the same issue. It's driving me mad! Copy and paste this link if you're interested ;

    I posted an article on my blog this morning to alert my blogging community to check their spam boxes. It seems the best we can do at the moment, especially as Askimet don't seem to be very forthcoming.

  24. I've got the same problem. It just happened out of nowhere last week. Now whenever I comment on a blog (even ones I comment on all of the time), I click reply and my comment disappears completely. It's so annoying! Why would we suddenly start getting treated as spam?!

  25. Hi everyone. Ditto all the above. Since middle of last week, can't comment on any blogs, tried the comment form but no reply, then emailed Akismet directly and Mark is now dealing with it. Thought it was resolved but tried to comment on blogs this afternoon and still no can do so I have just emailed him again to ask 'what now?' From what I read here it seems that Mark is dealing with the matter and I just have to be patient? I posted two articles last Thursday and Friday about this problem to try and let others know why I'm not able to comment on their blogs and that I'm not ignoring them! The link is: This is so very frustrating!

  26. Seems there are more and more of us. I too posted this morning about being a spammer
    So at least my immediate community know. I've e mailed Askimet just now - not sure if it was Mark - do you have a direct address for him?

  27. Hi there - the Akismet support email is (support AT akismet DOT com). There are no direct emails for individual people on the support team.

    Once again, thanks for your patience. We do realize how frustrating this can be.

  28. I'm still having the same problem and have done for about a week now. I've filled in the form and now emailed as heard nothing via the form. Very frustrating.

  29. Adding another voice to what seems like a long list of people caught in this spam trap. I do feel a little better that it seems to be a more widespread problem, misery loves company and all that. Hopefully it will speed up a fix to what seems like a pretty major problem.

    Akismet have contacted me to say the problem is fixed but I still can't comment. Best of luck to everyone in getting the problem sorted

  30. Same problem here: a friend of mine's comments keep ending up in the SPAM-folder even after I "unspammed" jer more than once.
    And how do I know if my comments in other blogs end up in the SPAM-folders there. I have no way of knowing myself and/or letting those people know. That's the question/problem that really annoys me.

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