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I can't seem to comment!

  1. If my experience is anything to go by, if you you put a comment on a blog and doesn't appear without any explanation then it's been treated as spam. Getting the comment unspammed seems to have cleared the problem from a specific blog, no idea if Akismet software will "learn" after a few and return to normal. Clearly this looks like a serious problem with Akismet. Lets hope they can sort it so I suggest getting in touch through the support to make sure they know you are affected. Here's hoping they can sort this mess out for all of us :)

  2. It's quite clear that this is a major problem, and that Akismet dealing with it on a case by case basis is not solving it.
    I wonder why there has been no official word on this and why forums like this have been left in the dark. Comments are part of the lifeblood of blogs aren't they? Otherwise we'd just be writing private print journals. This lack of communication is just so frustrating.

  3. @surfnslide, I too hope they will sort this out, but they are being very quiet about it - I still have no response to a direct email sent on Friday!
    As for getting the comment unspammed, that appeared to work for a day or two, but for me I am back in the spam box, as are some commenters I approved. So Akismet doesn't appear to be 'learning' awfully well.

    Trying to be patient, but struggling...

  4. Akismet Staff are dealing with this blog by blog because there is no universal way to deal with the issue. They aren't posting here to tell us that because their time is better spent on addressing the issue blog by blog than it is posting here.

  5. @tt-where's the dang "like" button when you really need it?! :)

  6. @justjennifer
    The phrase "like" button" raises my hackles but you just cracked me right up. LOL :D

  7. None of my comments are appearing in the 'Leave a Reply' section at the blog:

    '2012: What's the "real" truth?'

    I hope something can be done about this, eventually.


  8. Hi there - the Akismet support email is (support AT akismet DOT com).

  9. Thank you 'timethief' for your help. :)

  10. I'm following lots of different threads on this problem and noticed this morning this reply from the 'Staff Answers' thread.

    A few days ago I wondered whether this was only affecting UK based bloggers and it appears I may have been right.

  11. Akismet must have something against us then. I wish they would fix it, I'm fed up of chasing people to let them know I am not ignoring them

  12. @lanternroom-thanks for linking to that thread. And now we have a timeline, at least for UK community members:

    This is a new issue with some of our UK based users, and I've marked your account as one of those being effected.

    It should be resolved soon. If you find your comments are still being tagged as Spam in about a week, please reply here and we can take further measures.

    Now the obvious question is whether all the other people in this thread whose comments are going to spam are UK based. Anyone?

  13. I'm UK based. I belong to a blog-hop group which starts each Wednesday, and the majority of those taking part are based elsewhere and are not having a problem (apart from having to regularly visit their spam filters to get the comments from UK based bloggers). For me this problem emerged last Wednesday, and only happens when I'm commenting on WordPress sites. Sadly most of the members of this group are on WP sites. :( As I've said before though, I've managed to comment on my own site a couple of times without it going to spam, though on one occasion it did.

  14. headphonedaydreams

    I'm UK based too.

  15. If you're part of a blog hop group DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT in the forums. I've seen sites banned for that. It's a readership and hit generating machine, and staff have sometimes ruled that it's a spam technique of which they don't approve, and banned people.

  16. Perhaps I've used the wrong term then raincoaster, because what I'm talking about is similar in every respect to WordPress's own Weekly Photo Challenge and their Daily Post.

  17. If it involves an assigned list of blogs to visit and/or comment on, that is what I'm talking about. You know how it is: if the boss does it, that doesn't mean you can do it.

  18. I'm UK based and my comments have been going to spam for about 10 days now. It's so annoying and nobody is replying to my email. I hope they can fix it in a week... I just wish they would respond at least. It's ridiculous.

  19. I'm in the UK and I haven't been able to comment for a week now. I've emailed Akismet and have filled out their form, but haven't heard anything. Like everyone else, I hope it's resolved soon.

  20. I'm also in the UK and experiencing a problem with this.

  21. I am UK based as well.

    I often comment on a blog that is based in the U.S. but my comments do not appear.

  22. I told WordPress and Askimet about this problem 15 months ago.

    My account was 'inactivated' for proving the problem existed. It took a year to get my account back.

    Can someone please fix Askimet? It is a virus, IMHO.

    Your software malfunctions cost me over 60,000 views .... as a blogger using a blogging platform, that really did hurt.


  23. misswinnielondon

    I am UK based too. Ok, Akismet doesn't like the UK. :(

  24. Now I see it'sa UK based problem. Is that why no one is helping us?

    I have posted on Mark's blog (obviously didn't show up!), I have filled in the form, I have sent a message (indeed more that one to Akismet as requested by WP.
    Mark(Akismet) said it was fixed but it's not. Now he doesn't reply to my responses.
    I have sent another email. No response.

    I think perhaps WP (who many of us are paying) might need to pick up the PHONE and talk to Akismet????????
    or is that a too outrageous suggestion?

    This has gone on for too long to too many people.

  25. I can see a comment above that, today suggests we wait for A WEEK and then see IF it's fixed!

    Hello, acceptable? I don't think so.

    Justjen, your suggested 'further action' needs to happen today, right now, please.

  26. I am UK based too - I had a sneaky suspicion that this was affecting UK bloggers as most of the people I know who are having this problem are in the UK and other bloggers who seem fine are elsewhere in the world. So does it affect ALL UK bloggers? Or just a select few?

    Anyway, my problem started on 8th July so over a week now, and I have to wait another week to have it fixed - and if it isn't I have to jump through all these hoops AGAIN!

    I AM trying to remain patient...

  27. I have just looked at that forum post that lanternroom linked to, and if the staff (WP) knows it is an issue with UK usersw then WHY has there been no similar response from staff on here? How do we know that our accounts have been 'marked' as being affected?

    I just need reassurance that my account IS on a list somewhere and WILL be dealt with eventually. Can any (WP) staff member confirm that for me?

  28. A week does seem like a long time when we have been waiting over a week with all our comments going into spam already. I wish someone would reply to my email. Is it really that hard to fix something like this?

  29. ljkjklqljkhwhljkfqjhklfqjlkqjlh

    Folks, please keep in mind that there are potentially millions of users that are affected, and the Akismet team must sort out the issues one by one. Akismet is a free service, as is (even if you are paying for certain features, the service itself is free).

    If you submitted a request to the form at rest assured that the Akismet team is working on the issue.

  30. Yes I am Uk based too. This is getting RIDICULOUS! I had considered going pro with WordPress but I'll be damned if I would now. They need to sort out their potential customer services or we will all be defecting to a more efficient platform.

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