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I can't seem to comment!

  1. luvsiesous2000

    It is NOT a UK problem.

    I was NOT in the UK when I reported the same problem 15 months ago.

    If you think a day or two upset you, imagine 15 months?

  2. Along with many others I too am UK-based, though I sympathise with those who have had the same problem elsewhere for well over a year.
    I've today had a response from Nick Hanze from Akismet and have submitted a Test Form.

  3. @calmgrove, I submitted the test form on Friday and have heard nothing since. It would be nice to know that the form got through and that my name is on a list for fixing!

  4. Hi Everybody,

    I wanted to pop in and offer an apology; I had responded in the thread linked previously with some incorrect information. The underlying issue is not isolated to the UK, and a little more digging on my part would have made that clear.

    I'm sorry for passing on incomplete information, and I'm honestly feeling a bit sheepish about it. Please know that we are working to correct these issues, and we really do appreciate your patience.

  5. izit, at least one site which unspammed my previous comments seems to be accepting them now. But if, as saouderkirk tells us, the issue is not confined to the UK, we may be in for a long wait. Still, I'm sure they're doing the best they can; and I'm sure they won't like any more adverse PR.

  6. Hi all, I just wanted to reiterate that the Akismet team is actively working on fixing the issues with some comments incorrectly being identified as spam.

    If anyone is still having trouble with their comments being marked as spam, please send an email to (support AT akismet DOT com) as I mentioned earlier.

    Thank you for your patience. I know it's frustrating waiting for this to be sorted out and we appreciate your understanding.

  7. @mrscarmichael - the blockquote in my earlier comment is not what I said, but what saouderkirk (Staff) said in the forum thread that lanternroom linked to just above mine ( I quoted it to highlight the UK connection and indeed, apparently many people posting in this thread are based in the UK.

    @luvsiesous2000- Are you still having a problem commenting and, if so, where are you located?

    To everyone, yes, it is frustrating when you are caught as spam, but if you have gone through channels to contact , I am sure you will agree that it is far better to let the Akismet support people take care of this problem rather than posting, but I will tag this for additional staff input.

  8. :) Needed to refresh before posting! Thanks kathryn!

  9. Groan....every comment vanishes. How much longer will it take? Little point blogging when we can only write on our own

  10. This problem has just started. I can't comment on anything. Earlier, I spent at least ten minutes writing a detailed comment in response to a post. When I clicked submit, my comment vanished. It's so frustrating! Any news of when this issue will be fixed??

  11. It started about two weeks ago for me. Akismet are aware of it and have been trying to help find a solution, but as yet I'm still unable to post comments. I agree with everyone above, it is frustrating as blogging is meant to be a communal activity yet I feel completely isolated (unless anybody is kind enough to comment on my blog). And is it just me, or have there been so many more good blogs out there than normal right now to engage with.
    It is very cold and dark in purgatory.

  12. Have sent an e mail (again) to Askimet. See if this one gets a response...

  13. I have an update on my disappearing comments - I filled out the Akismet form and a guy from Akismet told me I needed to fill out a test form. I did that, and today I have posted multiple comments with no problems whatsoever (some on blogs which haven't previously unspammed me).

    This is after a week of at least 80% of my comments going to spam, so fingers crossed they are working through each blog as it is brought to their attention and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

  14. @draliman

    That's good news! Something to keep the rest of us in a positive mood.

    I also filled in a form an hour ago or so. Here's hoping!

  15. I do appreciate the thought that this is a free service and as bloggers we need to set the fix for this in that light. However this is clearly a very serious problem between WordPress and Akismet that if not resolved will kill hundreds of peoples interest in blogging. I don't think it's too much to ask to expect a joint statement from both expressing their concern, accepting that this is more than just a handful of stray comments that have gone missing, provide an explanation of what has gone wrong and a plan to fix it. Simply stating that they will treat each one in turn is not really an appropriate response even for a free service.

    For my part I have raised a support call with Akismet, they have replied, stating they have fixed it but my problem remains. I'm not encouraged that either party has any real clue as to what the core problem is or how to resolve it. If I'm wrong then I'm happy to be corrected with a statement as above

  16. I hope that everyone here recognizes that

    1. Akismet Staff are on our side - they are our spam prevention team!

    2. Akismet Staff are working flat out as quickly as they can to address this issue.

    3. This is public forum and every thread is available to everyone on the internet including the spammers who are undoubtedly getting off on the discomfort of hobby bloggers who I sincerely hope are not becoming daram queens and kings.

    Bottom line: It's only a blog.

    So why not get up and get outside of your head for awhile? There's nothing to be lost by getting some fresh air and it may help bring things into perspective so this issue is not a drama creating opportunity for those who lack a vibrant offline social life.

  17. daram = drama

  18. Timethief, I mostly go along with you and appreciate your attempt to inject a bit of calm and perspective but unfortunately your wording come across as insulting. Drama queens and kings? Hobby bloggers? Only a blog? Succour to the enemy?

    The bottom line is WordPress and Akismet are offering a service.
    That service is failing in a key aspect, and the service users are entitled to an explanation, not patronising words or silence.

    Where is the spokesperson who can explain why this is happening? Is it due to a spam filter upgrade? A glitch in the system? The fault of the users? Some transparency please. And treat us as adult users, not rowdy kids. Please.

  19. "Its only a blog"
    Considering I post a couple of times a week for nearly 3 years based on my OUTDOOR activities I am passionate about my blog, what it means to me, the friends I have made through it.
    I am asking for nothing more than some of formal communication from both parties. Free service or not WordPress and Askimet have a duty of care to their customers - and we are customers - and to show some measure of concern for a very serious problem of THEIR making

    Bottom line - don't presume or assume how important something is to someone else

  20. Yes we are hobby bloggers.
    Yes there is an issue.
    Yes Akismet Staff are working to correct it.
    No Staff do send spokesmen to post explanations of why this has happened into public threads on public forums where legions of spammers can read what they post . Because doing that would provide spammers with even more ammunition to throw even more wrenches into the works.
    Think about it.

  21. A comment which was not a clone of other comments was censored by WordPress Stats Wrangling 11:
    Imagine control of a posting on stats?

    My comment involved no exciting rush about seeing stats.

    My blog is experimental for my use and research etc and I could hardly care for attracting readers as my space as a writer has not been decided.

    But dictating that we should not ask questions on comments ... have I stumbled into a primary school blog?

  22. I am going to close this thread now and will keep this sticky posted with any updates:

  23. The problem appears to be fixed now. If you're in the UK, and you're still experiencing the issue, please let us know, especially if you're a BT or Sky customer:

    We're still investigating the underlying cause. It seems to be a network-related issue specific to some UK broadband networks and affecting only If we can publish more details than that then we will.

    If you're not in the UK then your problem is not the one being discussed in this thread.

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