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I can't seem to get rid of the list-style-type in the sidebar

  1. I'm editing the default WordPress theme, using release 2.1.2.

    I've edited the sidebar lists so that I have drop down and stick out hover li's, but for some reason I can't seem to get rid of the list-style-types in any of the li's no matter how many times I use list-style-type: none; in my stylesheet.

    I've never experienced this with any of the previous releases. Can anyone help?

  2. Are you referring to a blog hosted by Or are you referring to a blog template you downloaded from ? If it's the latter and I do suspect this is the case, then you need to go here for support as we run on different software.

  3. *cough* wrong site *cough*

  4. Yup it's a revolving door post ... lol :D

  5. aaah sorry guys...

  6. Not a problem :)

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