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I can't seem to post via my mobile...

  1. I'm using a Nokia Symbian phone (Model No: E61i). However, everytime when I try posting an entry via the web browser of this phone, it'll automatically close my browser while loading the page.

    Anyone knows how to solve this issue? It's seriously pissing the crap outta me. I've tried my web browser on LiveJournal (& other sites) & it works fine, except for WordPress.

    Is there any other way of posting via my mobile? I'm able to read WordPress blogs, but not post a new entry.

    This is frustrating!

  2. What URL were you using to try and post? Was it in the admin of ?


  3. trent: I went to & clicked on 'New Post'. After loading for awhile, my browser would automatically close itself. Sigh.

    timethief: Thanks. :)

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