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I Can't sign in

  1. Not sure if this is happening else where, but I can't sign in to my own blog! I just keep coming back to the login page...

  2. Same here.

  3. Have you tried clearing your browser cookie cache?

    What browsers are you using?

    Do you have another you can try with?

  4. phewww... it seems to working now, I can access my blog. But when I came here to resolve it I couldn't sign in, so I couldn't even leave a comment!

    But now all is fine, so I am marking this as resolved.

    Hilkman, I hope you can sign in now!

  5. I just happened again. I did not sign out of my blog - the system did it by itself. To my surprise it turned out, that I was still signed in at WordPress. That is why I can write in this thread. But when I want to log in to blog, I am told my user name is invalid. I just emailed support...

  6. When the lock in fails, one is guided to a page I have never seen before. The usual blue box is not there anymore. This turns up instead - screenshot:

  7. Log in. Sorry. :-)

  8. universalgeni: that's the new look of the login page. There is no more big blue box anymore. ;)

  9. Ok. Then there must be a bug in the new login update...

  10. me too i cant login to my own blog....i tryed to change password but it does not

  11. I love it when support write in a thread that they are on to it. One does not see that very often, but it has been known to happen...


  12. I have a weird issue for you that might or might not be related: I can't stay signed in to the forums. When I'm using Firefox, I can't sign in to the forums at all, even if I'm signed in just fine to my blog. I can READ the forums, but not post. It bounces me to my dashboard if I try to sign in, no matter what.

    I CAN, however, sign in and answer questions using IE6, although IE will only show me the first post in a thread. It's bizarre. I wondered why there were so few posts in the forum in the last three hours; could it be that all non-IE users have been locked out accidentally?

  13. Uh, why the hell is Mark marked as Inactive? Mark is in charge of support, unless there's been a change I don't know about very, very recently.

  14. Everyone's inactive! How bizarre. Are these the improvements to the forums they promised?

  15. All the keymasters and quite a few members are marked as inactive and I am surprised I can still post. I have sent in some "alerts".


  16. I would sticky this, but I lost my mod status in all of this....


  17. I emailed support twice FWIW.

  18. Seems resolved now? I can use FF again at least.

  19. hi, i have just received an email with a new password and its all ok but im not quite....

  20. I still can't sign in, it keeps telling me my username is invalid. I'm now posting under a different name, this is a private blog and I can login to this one just fine.
    It's my regular account I can't sign in to, even after a request to change the password.

  21. Then either contact staff when Support is open (you'll see the button on your dashboard, and it won't be for five hours or so at least) or email support at wordpress dot com.

  22. Thanks, I guess I'll wait a couple more hours to see if I can sign in.

  23. Whoa. I thought I was going nuts.

    I had KatM and my password stored in FF. Now wp seems to want katm but my old password still works.


  24. I have marked it as not resolved again... I can access my blog and I can access the forum under my log in now. But it seems there is a problem still!

    Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  25. Good, thanks. It's an ongoing issue, unfortunately.

  26. I am having the same problem. As soon as I close my browser (Firefox), I am automatically logged out. My cookie settings are correct. This wasn't happening last night and no changes were made to either the browser cookie settings or the firewall. I checked both; both are correct.

  27. I am having the same problem as pdigaudio - as soon as I close the browser (Firefox) I am automatically logged out.

  28. It seems alot of people are having issues with logging in, I had the issue earlier. Take a look here:

  29. We had the following issues:

    Not being able to log into for users with capital letters in their user names.
    Not being able to log into the forums.
    Being logged out after closing the browser.
    Being named "inactive" in the forums for no good reason.

    To the best of our knowledge all of these issues have been fixed.

    If you are still having problems, please clear your cookies, log out, and then log in again (that's the biggest hammer you've got :) ).

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