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I can't stop looking at my stats!

  1. sayali611 - where do you advertise? Is it paid for or just careful placement and which sites work well for you?

    accumulatingwealth - I will view your homepage for you now!

  2. Hey tltcl - thanks for looking at my homepage :) My stats has gone up hehe

  3. I have my stat page open at work all the time. It's quite sad really. Then again, I have a lot of free time so I can do that.

  4. @tltcl - nah, I meant careful placing . I have tried a bunch. So far, nothing has worked like wordpress forums :)
    Other places get you do get 'views' on the site, here you get readers! There is another students forum site for management aspirants, less traffic but got some readers from there. Looking for more of such places.

  5. I'm the same way. I am new to Word Press and haven/t had many visitors, but I check at least twenty times a day. I am getting a lot of spam.

  6. pdkie, I checked out your blog and it was very good....but.....I hate to read so I skipped to the bottom. Just a thought but maybe you can shorten it or spread it out over a couple of days. I can tell you are a deep thinker and very smart....I like your topics too. How about a smiling gravatar pic. Hope your stats go up...I stopped by today! Keep at it though!

  7. To all who have added there 2 cents.....thanks....I'm feeling so much this is normal. I'm doing better with the stat addiction. I do it in the morning afternoon and evening and not all day long.

    I think it's because I have a very small following everyday now. I get so upset when I see this : 000000000 views or 2 or 3. I feel so rejected. But I have 8 subsribers now....well one is my husband so 7, but I feel better about having 0 stats.

  8. greatlakessocialist

    The instant sense of gratifaction on reading one's stats, despite the content, is a sensation I've found hard to match in ordinary life. It's possible however, believe me. I find it in upon discovering fish in unexpected places, and crushing Monte Carlo biscuits between my fingers.

  9. greatlakessocialist

    I like the gratification is gratifying, dude you are way deep with the fish and biscuits...but I like it in a strange way though.

  10. I found my stat widget yesterday and put it up, it's only taken me a week lol Duh!
    I would pay no mind to it but that's me.

  11. greatlakessocialist


    Indeed, and thank you. I find that living in a small coastal settlement, fish are found in quite strange places. Most of these places are unfortunately unrefrigerated, so the fish are only suitable for sketching or perhaps philosophical purposes.

    You can delve quite deep into your own psyche by contemplating these gentle, beautiful creatures, and how they managed to travel, sometimes large distances overland, to their dry graves.

    As for the biscuits... The way the crumbs crumble put one in mind of the erosion of aeon old cliffs, the coalescence of cloud formations in the sky and dishevelled sun-stained blocks of lego, languishing in a suburban wasteland.

    Both of these are much more harmless than checking the stats. This horrible addiction leads to unhealthy brainwave patterns, sore eyes and repetitive strain injury. The worst that can be gained from the two habits aforementioned are strange smelling fingers and an expanded view of the cosmos.

  12. greatlakessocialist had me crackin' up...if this leads to altared brain waves then I guess I'll loose my mind and wear a brace on my wrist. LOL!! You are too funny...I got my smile for the day.

    The way you put words together is awesome...write that book or some poems or something!! You have a gift. I cannot put word together like that and struggle to write my blog. I have it in my heart though. I hope people at least get that when they read my blog.

    I am doing better with stat watching, like you said(Ithink) there's other things to that what you were saying?

  13. corkscrewboo

    Get on the slow to learn widget line with me. LOL

  14. @tltcl - are you using StumbleUpon? I had not been, but I did and it seems rather useful - although maybe only because I was "new" to StumbleUpon!

  15. greatlakessocialist

    Camary 1996

    Indeed it was, and I thank you for your praise. Your blog does not deal with fancy words as mine does, but is much more heartfelt and meaningful. Even as an agnostic I appreciate this.

    Perhaps a hobby would be good for you if biscuits and fish fail to suffice? Model plane assembly and digital photography are two suggestions that come immediately to mind.

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