I can't use directly the domain I have bought designbcn.net

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    I have bought designbcn.net domain, but I can’t link it, I don’t know what I have to do to see my webside http://www.designbcn.net

    Please help quick, I becoming crazy.



    The blog I need help with is martadesignbcndotnet1.wordpress.com.



    for starters designbcn.net does not seem to have been regiestered – but martadesignbcn.net has been registered and mapped in what looks like the last day or so – is that you and is that what you wanted?

    If not – you have 48 hours to cancel the domain name martadesignbcn.net for a full refund, the domain mapping has a 30 day window. You can cancel martadesignbcn.net if you want than register designbcn.net and map it to a blog here –

    Personally I would register designbcn.net then cancel martadesignbcn.net if you really don’t want it, that is in case someone sneaks in and grabs designbcn.net in the few hours you were not looking –

    I will also flag this for the staff to help if you need more help – but they are a bit backed up and you have some short time frames on the domain name registration –

    Oops, No Primary Site Set

    There is no primary domain set for martadesignbcndotnet2.wordpress.com. This means that although martadesignbcn.net will forward to the site, martadesignbcn.net will appear in the browser address bar. To learn more about setting a primary domain, please see our documentation.


    I see I have a big mess, 3 places and what I am going to do is remove them and tell you what’s doing it.


    Please help me:

    – I have “3 blogs” all wrong
    – What I really want is http://www.designbcn.net, but i was confused and did http://www.martadesignbcn.net (what was my title).
    – Could you resolve my disaster?

    I give you what I wanted to do

    site: http://www.designbcn.net
    [Private details removed by staff]

    Please can you cancel all and do it?

    Thanks a lot for your patience



    While I work on instructions for helping you – please change your password – AT ONCE – you just posted access to your account to the world

    The staff can access your blog if they need to – no need to ever post a password here in the forum

    I am not staff and so I don’t really want access to your blog

    More instructions below in a few minutes



    Here are the steps you can do –

    1) Go ahead and register – designbcn.net – yes you will have a second charge – we will fix that shortly – by registering the correct domain name first you protect yourself from someone grabbing the domain name you want –

    2) Double check the registration has been done correctly – check the status of the purchase (once in a while registration fails for some reason)

    Check at

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades
    Dashboard >> Store >> Billing History

    Do a whois also on the name your purchased http://www.whois.com/

    Note it can take a few minutes to an hour or so for whois to be updated

    3) Pause and relax until you can see your new domain name as purchased in all three locations – then go to step 4

    4) At

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades >> Cancel martadesignbcn.net domain registration – also cancel the domain mapping for martadesignbcn.net

    The refund will take 7 to 14 days to reach your credit card

    Now here is a bit of personal opinion – you don’t need to follow it if you don’t want to since Domain Mapping will cover up the base blog name – but I think it is a bit more class to have the base WordPress.COM blog match the mapped domain name –

    Go to Dashboard >> My Blogs >> Register a new blog and register designbcn.wordpress.com (it has been reserved for you and your account name)

    5) Go to the dashboard of either designbcn.wordpress or martadesignbcndotnet2.wordpress.com (double check the blog name) depending on if you liked my opinion above or not

    Buy new domain mapping for designbcn.net and map it to the base blog you want to map it to – since you have no content to worry about you have nothing to move or worry about


    Then if you used my opinion above set martadesignbcndotnet2.wordpress.com to Private

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading >> Visible to only those I invite – remember to save changes

    The old blog can then be used for practice or a spare – many times people new to WordPress.COM will want to try things out but are reluctant to do so on the blog that is live to the world – having a Private test blog means you can learn away without the world seeing anything or having your tests show up in a search engine

    This is still flagged for the staff if you need more help and I will check back later also

    Good luck – the above just looks bad – should be straight forward – just step through one step at a time

    sorry for slow with this but I don’t type very fast



    Hi Marta, I just sent you an email about these domains. Please reply to this forum thread to let me know if you don’t receive that email from me. Thanks!

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