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I cant use Scripts, themes, plugins and I have a domain

  1. I cant use Scripts, themes, plugins and I have a domain, I bought it via the thing when you sign up instead of i just picked .com but im having some trouble. Theres no install theme or plugin button, its just not there, and when I attempt to insert a script like the Facebook fan page box it just deletes the script right after I copy it in. Iv even tried smacking my computerto no avail. My site it and my email is [email redacted]

    can somebody please help me

    The blog I need help with is

  2. my email its theimbagamer[AT]gmail[DOT]com

  3. You can't do scripts, or themes that are not on your dashboard, Plug-in's are also not allowed to security reasons. You are also still bound by the Terms of Service (see below)

  4. is there a way to be able to use these things, like who makes them if they cant be used?

  5. also explains what you can/cannot do if you upgrade to domain mapping. explains what to do if you wish to cancel your upgrade.

  6. No. Not unless your blog qualifiess for and is accepted into VIP hosting and are prepared to pay the price for set up and hosting.

    You paid for a domain name and domain mapping for a single blog for a single year and that's exactly what you get. Nothing else changes. The upgrades clearly state this:

    Before Upgrading – Important Notes
    Same Rules Apply – The Domain Mapping Upgrade does not enable the permission to use advertising, any kind of prohibited code, or upload additional themes or plugins. With the upgrade, your blog will still be hosted here at, which means that you will not have FTP access to your files and you will still be required to abide by our Terms of Service.

    If you want to run scripts, plugins, and themes which require FTP access that we do not have to wordpress.COM blogs, then you will have to set up a install and move your blog content and links into it.

  7. You need to move to a self hosted site . using the WordPress.ORG software (free) - find your own host - install the software - be your own webmaster and system admin - if the site breaks or you break it you fix it or hire it done.

    Figure $ 10 to $ 25 US per month for basic hosting

    The keepers of the WordPress.ORG software:

  8. Yikes! We are a choir. lol :D

  9. Sure, go with being self-hosted using the WordPress ORG software. There you can do as you wish. Let me be clear that when you are self-hosted you are responsible for all upkeep of your site.

    But please note that you won't be able to transfer your newly bought domain name to a different registrar for 60 days. That's not a limit, it's an ICANN limit.

    If you need a little extra help moving your blog, is also now selling a package to help you move to a self-hosted blog. You can read more about it in this announcement.

  10. LOL! OK-then, moving right along...

  11. You can keep your registration here if you move - you just need to change where the name-servers point - to your new host - easy to do - then the Terms of service no longer apply and you can do what ever you want with your site.

  12. Or if you can handle this on your own, then this post that features a clear statement of what skills are required, etc. and my step by step instructions, and thesacredpath's advice can be used free of charge to make the move to self hosting. >
    Setting up a self-hosted install

  13. Guys this is all in my post. :(

  14. And WordPress.COM just came out with a "we will move you off site" service - just got the e-mail - Cost $ 99-- US. For that cost they must have some good automated tools.

  15. ~~TT

    Guess this is just my day to type slow and miss the links - the help move is a good touch but they will still end up being their own webmaster - but it does get rid of some of the confusion of setting up the site - and having the site set up correctly at the start helps a lot.

  16. ok i got a domain from host gator and its working perfectly thanks people :)

  17. The DOMAIN is not the issue; that confusion is what screwed you up in the first place. It's the type of software that's the issue, not the domain. software allows those things, WordPress.COM software doesn't.

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