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I change things in teh CSS, but nothing happens

  1. i have bought the upgrade, and after doing what I thought was changing the culumn width on an exisiting theme I have up, chose a non fixed width theme and accepted that it would be less pretty like that, but I needed to fix the font size. I opened the css and upped every fons size by 2, clicked save and nothing changed

    now what do i do?

    Is there a way to just change the column width of an existing theme?
    if not
    is there a way to change the font size?

  2. Martheglad, you'll get more help if you leave a link to your blog so people can see what's happening.

  3. Could you see the changes when you clicked on the "preview" button?


  4. is my blog. Sorry about that.

    There wasn't a previre button. I clicked on the "view CSS" field, and changed the info, and clicked "save CSS" and them opened it again to make sure the changes were saved.

  5. but: I'd prefer to be able to use the cutline theme, and just change the with of the text-field to 550 px

    i don't mean to be all fragmentary here, but I really can't get anything to work

  6. martheglad, if you want to edit the CSS, you need to do it in the CSS editor. The 'View CSS' is useful to see the original stylesheet but editing that won't work. You need to put your new code in the editor box, and from there you should be able to either 'Preview' or 'Save Stylesheet'. When you save this way, the changes should be visible.

  7. Oh, and you probably want to make sure that you have 'Add to existing CSS' checked, since you only want to make a couple of changes, not start from scratch.

  8. oh. was THAT the problem all the time. Thank you so much for your input. I thought the editor was an information window.

    Now it's alot better. the only thing i can't figure out how to fix is the face that the header is a bit narrow (can't figure out where I define the width and how i make wordpress not crop it.) Is there anywhere in the code where I can paste the url, and use an external image instead of a wordpress blurrified one?

    the other quirk is how the line over the image goes way into the margins.

    But again. Thank you alot for your help.

  9. I'm not sure what theme you're using, but you want something like

    div#header {
    background:url('put your url here') no-repeat top center;

    You can use a url from an external host or you can upload your image to wordpress and use the url from the file there.

  10. I use the cutline theme.

    I tried inserting that a couple of different and it didn't work. The text got small and centered, which is odd. My completely lacking technological insight might be to blame.

    I've searched the code, and the only places I found the word "header" was:

    h2.page_header {
    background:url('no url here') 0 100% no-repeat;
    margin:0 0 15px !important;
    padding:0 0 12px !important;

    And then these two who were following eachother.

    #header_img {
    border-bottom:1px solid #000;
    margin:0 0 30px;

    #header_img img {

  11. I think the header_img is the one you want. Try putting the background code with the url into that section. You might need to play around a little with margins and sizing.

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