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Where did my blog visitors go?

  1. I changed my blog name. It matched my user name now.I've done the site redirect, but that didn't help. After I changed my blog name to my user name, my viewership went down to zero. What has happened? I read on the messageboard that someone can steal you blog name and get your viewers?? Let me know what I should do.

    Blog url:

  2. I don't see any record of a purchase for a Site Redirect for your account, but you can rest assured that no one can steal your blog name. (Once the name is deleted, it can't be reused at all.)

    Sometimes is takes a bit to rebuild your blog visitors - you can follow our guide to getting more traffic to your blog.

  3. Let me clarify my statement earlier. I tried to purchase Site Direct but wasn't allowed to because my site had the same name I was trying to redirect to or something. So I guess 'llI just try to follow the guide and see what happens.

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