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I changed my blog theme. Now i lost 50% traffic and keywords rank in Google

  1. Hello everyone. Something really sad just happened =/
    I had the same theme on my blog ( for like a year. I build some rank in google for specific keywords and had a good traffic. Now that the theme is changed, i lost position in google for that keywords, i mean, all the SEO work is gone.

    Can someone help me?

  2. We are unable to help you. this is the Support forum for blogs hosted on wordpress.COM. is NOT hosted on wordpress.COM.

  3. That is not a blog. You need to ask at

  4. quixoticzephyr

    I know, life sucks.

    Perhaps readopting your old theme may help?

    I wouldn't recommend you use the theme I currently am (I barely get traffic... ten a day) though, haha!

  5. quixoticzephyr, don't post to threads unless you have technical information to add. Posting just to get your URL out there will lead to your being labeled a spammer, and possibly suspended from the forums or even get your blog suspended. Just don't comment unless you have anything useful to add.

  6. Thank you Mark

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